The following comments have all been received via e-mail to our office...

Adam has been attending lessons at Linden Lodge for just over 5 years and I would like to thank you for such excellent swimming instruction, particularly from Kwok. Adam is a confident swimmer and has really enjoyed his time with you. Thank you, Karen. (15th Sept 17)


I would like to thank all of you - I lost count how many times I recommended the Swimarium when the topic of swimming lessons came up, because I think you are doing a great job and have a beautiful approach to turning kids into confident swimmers. Nat was our teacher, not only was he really good with the kids, the patience he has is second to none. Thanks Nat, you are awesome! Also, the personal survival lessons are an excellent idea - back in my days, we only did that as part of a life saving course we had after all the basic and advanced courses. It makes so much more sense to teach them early, at least what it feels like being in the water fully clothed and what to do to try and get out safely. Once again, thanks to all of you, keep up the good work. Kind regards, Sara Drobig. (15th Sept 17)


On behalf of my daughter Avye and myself, I would like to thank all at Sarah Harris Swim School. We would especially like to thank the friendly - dedicated team of coaches. For the last two years they have provided Avya with a great deal of fun, confidence and skill. Thank you, Phil. (15th Sept 17)


Thank you so much for tonight's swimming lesson. Louise and I really enjoyed it. Dominic was very encouraging and helped Louise with her technique, including putting her face in the water when doing breaststroke - a first! Please could you pass on my thanks to Clare for making me feel very confident in the water tonight. She is a lovely teacher. I am looking forward to being able to swim and fully enjoy myself on holidays and make use of the pool! Many thanks, Francois and Louise. (14th Sept 17)


I would like to extend my gratitude to all teachers at The Sarah Harris School of Swimming for job well done! Kind regards, Beata Dudak. (6th Sept 17)


Elliott has showed tremendous patience, persistence and encouragement. I'm so impressed with his teaching that I really wanted to thank him. Heartfelt thanks Elliott! Imogen's Dad, Paul. (2nd Sept 17)


Luca finished his Fast Track course today and I wanted to say how brilliant I thought his teacher was. I was totally impressed by his calm, fun, positive and clear demeanour. Luca has made so much progress and had fun. All the best, Alex. (28th July 2017)


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the whole team for making Malakai such an incredible swimmer! When he first joined he was so afraid of deep water and with your help he has blossomed into an amazing swimmer and diver. Malakai started his swim journey with Pirate Pat who gave him the basics and taught him not to be afraid, he then moved onto Elliott who inspired him to perfect his strokes and finally there was Jamie, whose patience, encouragement and high energy encouraged Malakai to perfect his strokes, have confidence in his abilities and gain an interest in diving. You have been an incredible team of teachers. I will highly recommend the swim school to anyone who will listen and regularly sing your praises. Thank you for everything. Kindest regards, Jade. (21st July 2017)


I would just like to drop you a quick note to say a special thank you to Adrian for the exceptional progress Felix has made since joining his class. He has come on leaps and bounds with both his listening and swimming ability, and has recently completed his 400m thanks to Adrian's hard work with him. It is a delight to see him thriving with Adrian. Many thanks, Melanie. (12th July 2017)


Thank you all so much for the time, effort and support you have given to both Zoe and Max over the past few years. Thanks again, Millie. (10th July 2017)


I just wanted to say thanks to Captain Dan for a great year of lessons. My son has absolutely loved being in his class and looks forward to every Saturday. Dan's enthusiasm and humour has made Saul's confidence grow enormously and I want to express how appreciative we are for his teaching. Kind regards, Jane and Anthony. (10th July 2017)


I just want to say how impressed I am with the swim school lessons and how brilliant Lee is with the kids. Jake has come on so so much in just a handful of lessons and that is down to how much he enjoys it and the confidence that Lee manages to instil in a really fun way. Thank you, Victoria. (5th July 2017)


We have so enjoyed our lessons with you and are so grateful for the progress the girls have made. Thank you so much, Sarah. (26th June 2017)


Every week when I watch Clare teach she is always doing it enthusiastically and she always gives her lessons full energy. Regards, Ayse. (23rd June 2017)


Giorgio loved his swimming lesson tonight, it was lovely to watch his huge smile at his accomplishment. The enthusiasm and friendly atmosphere is always so contagious and promotes a fun, learning experience. I have never before attended a swimming school where every individual swimmer counts. A huge thank you to Lee, Dan and Emma who have all hugely influenced all 3 of our children and their love for swimming. Kind regards, Rachel. (8th June 2017)


The swim school have been excellent. The swimming teachers Lee, Dan and Emma especially have been amazing. Thank you for turning my reluctant to go into the water Son, into an expert swimmer and diver. Kind regards, Joanne. (19th May 2017)


I just wanted to say how amazing Dan is with Elliott. Elliott has no confidence so is reluctant to give things a go, but Dan is fantastic with him, encouraging him to try things without putting him off. He is really enjoying his lessons. Thanks, Vicky. (17th May 2017)


I would just like to say a huge thank you to all for helping my daughter to learn to swim in such a fun way, particularly to Lee who has always been amazing. She has really loved her lessons and I never hesitate to recommend you to other parents. Kind regards, Janet. (15th May 2017)


I just wanted to say thank you very much, she loves the teachers at Sandbach and her confidence and swimming has grown so much. Thanks again, Joanne. (15th May 2017)


Please pass on our love and thanks for the time, patience, energy and wonderful instruction that the team at the swim school have given my children. They have left confident and able swimmers with a great technique in many strokes. We have loved being part of your school and wish you all the best with your continuing success of helping children to learn and enjoy swimming. Many thanks, Clare. (15th May 2017)


My children have just completed their Easter Fast Track course at Linden Lodge. I'd like to mention that I thought Kwok was an excellent instructor who really got the most out of the children. Kind regards, Ryan.
(8th April 2017)

James has started his swimming lessons a month ago. I am so impressed with his progress, and the most important thing is that he loves it and looks forward to the lessons all the time. The amazing coach- Clare has made a huge difference for James' attitude towards swimming. She is encouraging, fun and magic really! Best regards, Yanning. (24th March 2017)

Please can you pass on a huge thank you to Elliott who has taught them over the past 3 or 4 years. He has really brought their swimming on to an excellent standard and has given them fun lessons, encouragement and belief in themselves. They have thoroughly enjoyed having him as a teacher and I know the skills he has taught them will stay with the boys for a life time. Kind regards, Gail (19th March 2017)

She first started a few years ago and she's loved it. Thanks for all the hours of passionate coaching. Kind regards, Simon. (9th March 2017)

I just wanted to thank you for teaching her so well over the last couple of months thank the school in general for teaching Olivia to swim so well. I have been extremely impressed with the efficient and professional manner in which all the teachers have performed, a really excellent swim school. Good luck! Kim. (6th March 2017)

My 3 children have just started with The Swim School... I just need to say a big thank you for having such kind, encouraging and caring teachers. Matt has made such a difference to Arushi's attitude to swimming and I can see how much she has come on in such a short time. I'm thrilled Millen has been lucky enough to get a place with Matt too and look forward to seeing him develop his ability. Eashan isn't complaining about going swimming nowadays and seems to almost look forward to going swimming! Amazing! Just wanted to say a big thank you and I can see how your school trains up and chooses the best! Thanks so much, Simi. (5th March 2017)

Our 6 year old daughter is happily swimming every Saturday morning. We really like the lessons and the quality is high. Thank you, Caroline. (4th March 2017)

My children have just completed the fast track course at Linden Lodge. I just wanted to say how amazing their coach 'Captain Dan' was. I can't think of enough positive things to say about him. He was encouraging, patient, great fun, and my children absolutely loved their lessons with him. They have progressed so much in the last week. They have gone from not really being bothered about swimming to pleading with me to have more lessons with him. Thanks so much, Caroline. (18th February 2017)

My daughter has been having lessons with lovely Elliott for a couple of years nows, he's a fantastic teacher and is really on a level with the kids. He makes the lessons fun and brings out the best in the children who are taught by him. ... Dominic could see she was nervous, and made a real effort with my daughter to help her overcome this. Dominic was very calm, kind and nurtuing with her and his manner was exactly what she needed to help feel comfortable in his company. I really wanted to say how pleased I am and how much my daughter enjoyed her class. Kind regards, Suzy (25th January 2017)

I signed up for the adult beginner swimming classes and had a great time! I enjoyed the swim lessons and definitely feel more confident in the water now. Regards, Juee (10th January 2017)

I am totally in awe of Jamie (and the other teachers) and the totally amazing swim school. ... She adores coming and I am totally amazed by what she has achieved in her time with you guys. She knows how to behave safely in water, she is much more confident and she can swim 50 metres. What more could I want? Thanks and best regards, Liz (January 2017)

Thank you once again for a great, progressive and fun week. You're so amazing with the children and we're so thankful for your passion in seeing them progress in a way that they love the water. Bella. (17th February 2017) 

I just wanted to send a quick message to thank you for a wonderful survival skills lesson. It was really fun and powerful session and we were so proud of Evie in it. We are so impressed with the quality of teaching and the atmosphere in the lessons at the Swimarium. Thank you. Kind regards, Nicky (19th November 2016)

We have just returned from Oscars swimming lesson and just wanted to let you know how impressed we were. Elliott, Jamie and Nat were brilliant. Oscar really enjoyed the lesson. It really showed that they cared about the safety of all the kids and the way they taught the lesson was so calm. I'm confident that Oscar will now be much safer around open water. Thanks very much, Kat. (18th November 2016)

Maisie has very much enjoyed her time at the swim school and we have been very impressed with how she has progressed. All the teachers have been brilliant, but she has had most of her lessons with Captain Phil, who has been excellent! Thanks again, Nicola. (14th November 2016)

I just wanted to say what a fantastic teacher Jamie is, she has made my once nervous daughter progress further than I could of imagined in the time from now to when she first joined. So happy many thanks, Hayley. (14th November 2016)

My sons have been swimming at the Bracknell Swimarium for a couple of years now and love the swimming lessons. Ben's swimming teacher, Elliott, has been absolutely amazing throughout this whole experience. He has struck a perfect balance between making sure that he pushes Ben but yet respects his limitations. He really listens to Ben, respects him, and adapts activities to make sure that they're always inclusive. If it wasn't for our confidence in Elliott, it would have probably taken far longer for Ben to get back to swimming after each operation. He is a true superstar. He is a truly amazing swimming teacher and such a compassionate individual. Kind Regards, Liz Flanagan. (10th November 2016)

My two boys had their first lesson on Wednesday and I wanted to send a mail to say how impressed I was. My son Riley has had swimming lessons before and I thought they would be quite similar. How wrong I was. I've never experienced an atmosphere so lively and exciting. It was like a party! Riley and Jensen haven't stopped talking about there lesson since. A special mention to Jaime and Nat. Jamie in particular, she was so open and friendly and held the attention of Riley right from the beginning... Riley had lost his first tooth (which was already wobbly!) she did a special mention at the end of the lesson and Riley got lots of cheers. Warm regards, Clare Woodage. (4th November 2016)

Conor, Caitlan and Grace have enjoyed the spooky swim camp. Grace has made enormous progress during the week and most importantly had lots of fun and smiles the whole time - Thank you Clare! Conor and Caitlan enjoyed learning their bronze life savers badge - Thank you Huss! (28th October 2016)

Our first time here and what an excellent experience! Huss was absolutely great - so much information. I plan to bring her here every Fast Track. Thanks once again. Siqqia Qadeer. (28th October 2016)

Thank you for a fabulous week of swimming lessons. Kai has improved enormously. Excellent teaching clear, firm and fun. Kai has loved your lessons and looks forward to coming each day. The one week Fast Track courses are brilliant. Thank you. (28th October 2016)

Excellent teachers, very good technique and giving confidence to my children. Thank you and see you next year! Agnes. (28th October 2016)

Huss is a fantastic coach and communicates very well with the children. Anushka's technique has improved a lot! Thank you! (28th October 2016)

We were very pleased with both the instructors and both the kids progress. Both my kids Raniya and Archit enjoyed the Fast Track very much and I highly recommend to others. (28th October 2016)

Fantastic Fast Track course with great teachers who quickly assessed the children and helpfully moved them to the next level. The children came away with a boost of confidence and a great improvement in their techniques and swimming skills. We will be back! Monica Bhogal. (28th October 2016)

Anna and Daniel have come such a long way this week! It is hard to believe Anna could not swim nearly two years ago! Many thanks to all the support over the past two years! Botelho (28th October 2016)

Jude has had such an amazing week and I've seen such a big change in his confidence especially when asked to take his muscles off. Clare has a great way of engaging with kids and the examples she uses really gets the kids attention. Thank you. (28th October 2016)

Felix and Tilda enjoyed Fast Track. They both did very well, thanks very much. Marj (Felix and Tilda's Nanny) (28th October 2016) 


It was fantastic! Tara enjoyed the class and her confidence in water has increased a lot. Thanks to Huss for teaching so well. Abi. (28th October 2016) 

Jack has become a confident swimmer over the last two years and we are so pleased with professionalism shown by the staff at Bracknell. Many thanks Lynne Parry. (28th October 2016)


Toby has loved every minute learning to swim with 'the swim school' and will certainly miss Gareth. He has gone from a virtual non-swimmer to being a complete joy to watch in the water. Many thanks for the high level of service you provide. I certainly don't have any hesitation in recommending you. Best regards, Sharon. (21st Sept 2016)


Thanks to the team at Sandbach and especially to Lee - fantastic teacher who has really built up Millie's confidence. Best wishes, Sarah and Millie. (15th Sept 2016)

Dear Rick and Sarah, We wanted to thank you for the generous gift to us of the extra pool time which went such a long way towards us winning the Duet Gold at Europeans. We are both very grateful to you, Thank you. Carolyn and Andrea. (13 Sept 16)

Joshua and Lucas have been swimming with you for a number of years. They are both now great swimmers, thanks to your teams hard work and I thank you for this. You have a great swimming instructor team and would recommend anyone come to you. Kind regards, Jennie. (6th Sept 2016)

Just a quick email to say how good Dan, Pat and Matt were this week. They created a really friendly atmosphere and provided great tuition. It's lovely to see the kids progress so quickly. Many thanks, Sarah. (3rd Sept 2016)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped Evie become the confident swimmer she is today. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time with the swim school. Kind regards, B Watts. (2nd Sept 2016)

Thank you very much for all your help over the last few years in teaching Sophia to swim. It's been wonderful to see her having so much fun in the water and gaining confidence with her swimming. Best wishes, Andrianna. (31st August 2016)

Jack and Matthew have both improved massively since starting at the swim school, so thanks to Pat, Matt, Clare and Adrian for all their help. Best wishes, Louise. (28th August 2016)

We would very much like to thank both Huss and his colleagues for helping Alexander over the past year, it has helped him immensely. Kind regards and best wishes, Paul. (26th August 2016)

Ella has thoroughly enjoyed her time at 'the sarah harris school of swimming', learning and perfecting her swimming skills which she'll take with her into her new school. Kind regards, Nicole. (26th August 2016)

I just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed the fast track last week. Beatrice and Gabriel came on in leaps and bounds. It was a joy to watch them grow and thrive. Dan was their teacher and I can honestly say that he is inspiring. His enthusiasm, positivity, clarity and the way he caters for each child's strengths and weaknesses is amazing. A big thank you from us. Best wishes, Vonnie. (19th August 2016)

Sam siwms at Sandbach on a Sunday and he has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons for the past 4 and a half years. Sam is now a competent swimmer and has great water confidence, this is thanks to Lee who we have found to be an excellent teacher. Kind regards, Lucy. (14th August 2016)

We had such an amazing week. We all loved the teachers. Loxy and Jett have improved so much in their ability and confidence. Thanks again, I have told all the local mums how great your courses are. Sonia. (13th August 2016)

James had a great time at Linden Lodge and would like to say thank you to all the swimming teachers he had in the past four years. With thanks and best wishes, Paula Hensler. (12th August 2016)

We have really enjoyed going to your swim school, please can you give my personal thanks to Huss and Matt because the children have really enjoyed the lessons. Best wishes, Ann. (6th August 2016)

Evie has just completed a swim week at the Bracknell Swimarium and has absolutely loved it! We have such a happy girl, who has had such a boost this week.
The week was exceptionally well run and it was such a pleasure to watch Evie's confidence soar as they were so full of praise, encouragement and positivity. I have never seen her quite so happy and connected as she was to the fun and inventive teaching styles. The teachers were fantastic. Each session was really different and challenging but in such a fun way - they brought real energy and passion to the classes and really stretched the children.
We couldn't be happier and are really pleased Evie is attending another week with Elliott and Lee at the end of summer holidays. They are very talented teachers. Our aim was to keep Evie swimming throughout the summer so that she begins swimming lessons at her school feeling confident and excited - this has definitely happened and she can't wait to swim again! We are so pleased. Thank you for this. Kind regards, Nicola & Ed Phillips. (5th August 2016)

My son came for his assessment today and had the best time ever. Lee was fantastic and encouraged Will so much. Kindest regards, Karen. (23rd July 2016)

I wanted to say how thrilled we have been with Joe's swim classes, Nat has been brilliant with Joe and he is now hugely confident and getting stronger all the time. Kind regards, Jennie. (17th July 2016)

Isabella is now keen to move onto club swimming. She has thoroughly enjoyed her sessions at King's and we thank your team, especially Lee, for all the professional swim coaching, Many thanks, Lucy Grattan. (7th July 2016)

We have been very happy with the lessons and my children have made great progress. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your dedication and professionalism. Best wishes, Luisa Fuertes. (7th July 2016)

Dear the swim school, we wanted to thank you for your generous contribution to our school's Summer Fair, held at Hoole School on 18th June 2016. Thank you very much for your generosity and support, Mrs Bullen. (4th July 2016)

Many thanks for arranging a trial for Harry. Harry really enjoyed it and liked Pirate Pat. Kind regards, Becky. (29th June 2016)


I would like to thank the team at Bracknell for all their help and support with Max's swimming, which has advanced amazingly under their tuition. Best regards, Derron. (20th June 2016)


We were very impressed with the standards of the coaching on the Fast Track that our son attended at Linden Lodge. Many thanks, Sally. (10th June 2016)


I wish to say a big thanks to Elliott. My child really enjoys the lessons. He can't wait until the next session. He/the team really tried hard to make it a fantastic swimming experience even us parents had fun watching. Please pass the compliments further. With thanks, Eva. (26th May 2016)


Many thanks for all the hard work the swim teachers have put in over the last few years. Everyone has been amazing. Thanks, Stuart. (26th May 2016)


Can I take this opportunity to thanks Lee, Dan and Emma for their excellent lessons. I have learnt a great deal in the very short time i have been attending. Regards, Martin. (22nd May 2016)


The swim class today was BRILLIANT. Daughter swam with King Kwok and he made a huge effort to sign with the kids and make sure they understood what he wanted them to do! Thank you so much. Wilhelmine. (21st May 2016)


We would like to thank all the instructors who helped him conquer his fear of water, he can now amazingly swim and dive in deep water, which is something we never thought would happen. Thanks again, Cara Cleary (17th May 2016)


Please pass my thanks on to Dan, Lee and Dave who are all wonderful, patient instructors who make learning to swim so much fun!! Best wishes, Kerri Stanyer (10th May 2016)


I am so grateful for all that the Swim School has done to teach my children to swim. Pat, Hus and Clare have all been brilliant and endlessly patient. May thanks, Sarah Roberts (26th April 2016)


My daughter has had an amazing time at the school and we have been really pleased with both my daughter and sons lessons over the past 8 years. Many thanks, Bev Nelson (25th April 2016)


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the team at Sandbach Swim School for teaching William to swim in a fun environment - he's really enjoyed it. Best regards, David Clewlow (24th April 2016)


We'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Pat and Adrian (and of course, Chris, Kwok, Dave and Becky who used to teach them) for everything they have done for them and especially to Pat who will remember Max's trepidation about putting his head in the water when he first started lessons with him. Both children have come a long, long way with their confidence and their swimming and your amazing teachers can only be credited for that. Kind regards and very best wishes, Millie and Carl Pittam (24th April 2016)


May I say a thank you for providing both Lucy and Alfie with great swimming lessons. A special thank you to Gareth who Lucy has swam with for a long period of time. Best wishes, Alison Worth (24th April 2016)


Daniel has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons, Dan & Lee are both excellent, highly amusing teachers. Many thanks, Ed Rugg (23rd April 2016)


My son Thomas went to the well organised assessment class with Nat, totally amazing water safety week and now two great lessons with Elliott on Fridays. It's great to see the staff talk to the children in age appropriate language and really engage their interest and get their brains working considering why and which is the best way to swim. Each child is referred to by name and exercises adapted to benefit them. Having come from a smaller different private pool lesson, which actually cost more, I am pleased with the standard of very positive teaching and control I have seen in Thomas' class to date. Please pass my thanks on to Nat, Elliott and the great staff training at Bracknell Swim School. From Jenny Carter (22nd April 2016)


Thank you for all your efforts over the years, getting my boy to swim! Please pass on my personal thanks to Huss for his patience and perseverance! Yours sincerely, Jeff Norris (22nd April 2016)


Thank you for the amazing lessons my children have had with the Swim School. Kind regards, Lesley Mullen (22nd April 2016)


Just like to take the opportunity to thank the Swim School, especially Captains Lee, Phil and Dan for all the encouragement and help they have give to possibly one of their most reluctant swimmers ever. It has been invaluable. Kind regards, Vivienne Green (21st April 2016)


Thomas has really enjoyed his lessons and has learnt such an incredible amount. What you get out of the children is nothing short of amazing and I hugely enjoy seeing the positive, achievement based atmosphere at the lessons. A big thank you on behalf of Thomas. Madeleine. (20th April 2016)


Hugo has enjoyed his swimming lessons and learnt so much. I have recommended them to all our friends. Victoria. (12th April 2016)


My daughter has been swimming with the swim school for several years. Georgina has made fantastic progress through the school and I am hugely grateful for that. Vicky. (12th April 2016)


I wanted to say thank you for teaching my daughter to swim so well. The lessons and all of the teachers have been brilliant. Thanks, Catherine. (9th April 2016)


My 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter currently attend the Swim School and have just attended the Fast Track course over Easter. I can not rate the school highly enough. My son has attended the school for 5 terms now and the progress he has made and love for swimming is astonishing. This weeks course run by Lee and Jamie has just embedded the enjoyment he gets. My daughter has only attended for a term but strives to do so well. It is a testament to the team you have teaching, that the children are so focused during their lessons. Thank you for making my children enjoy their lessons so much. Mrs Walker. (8th April 2016)


I am so pleased with the lessons Clare gave Bella last week in the beginners group. I thought they were very, very good and all the swimmers progressed hugely. Many thanks, James. (4th April 2016)


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lee, Phil and Dan for the superb tuition they have given over the years to which we are truly grateful. Mark. (3rd April 2016)


Zeke has been swimming with the Swim School for several years and has loved his lessons and made great progress, so many thanks for this. Best Wishes Jo. (20th March 2016)


We have really enjoyed the lessons from Evie starting with her school through to the confident swimmer she is today. One term with Jamie, Evie was swimming. We have seen definite progress and now she can swim and is confident in the water. All we ever wanted was a girl who could swim and was confident in the water. That was never able to be achieved anywhere else. Your 45 minute lessons go a long way to that but in Jamie and Elliott, you have a combination that works both for parents and the children. The results are obvious to be seen, and the lessons are thoroughly enjoyable. We have referred you to everyone who has asked and will continue to do so. Thank you so very much. Dave, Jennie and Evie. (14th March 2016)


I just want to say how happy I am with how Jacob is being taught to swim by Elliott. Elliott has brought out his confidence and abilities without him realising it. Jacob was terrified of water and now happily swims with no magic muscles in the deep blue and almost gaining his 15m badge. So a massive well deserved thank you to Elliott for helping unlock Jacob's confidence and skills to be the happy and confident swimmer he is now today. Nicola Bulloch. (9th March 2016)


Thanks. I can't believe how much they've improved over the last few weeks compared to previous year (with a different swim provider), Richard. (22nd February 2016)


Thank you all for many years of great training. Hannah, Tom and Nell are strong, proficient swimmers and this is down to your outstanding teaching. With our best wishes and heartfelt thanks, The Cox Family. (16th February 2016)


I would just like to say the instructors at Sandbach are fantastic. I love the way they are with the children and how they make it fun. My daughter has only been there about 4 weeks now and she loves it. When I have questions they are always happy to help and explain to us and my daughter. Keep up the good work. Kind regards, Tracy Blakemore. (15th February 2016)


I would like to thank you and the team for the last 2 years of swimming at the Swim School. Theo has progressed through the ranks and has high ambitions to become a great swimmer. Thanks to the strong foundations laid by, in particular Perry, Elliott and Jamie. Kind regards Antonia and Andy Robinson. (13th February 2016)


May I take the opportunity to say the teachers are amazing. Sara was petrified of swimming when she joined and after just one lesson with Lee she asked to return. The teachers are all a credit to the Swim School. Thank you once again, Mehreen. (25th January 2016)


I would like to thank you and your team for all your hard work in getting Niamh to achieve her current swimming ability. I would like to say how happy I have been with the classes and have recommended you to several friends who are now attending the swim school. Bethan. (19th January 2016)


We have been with the Swim School for many, many years as my eldest daughter, Olivia swam with you before Emily. Both Olivia and Emily were taught by Dave, who through his enthusiasm, encouragement (and patience!), gave them confidence and a love for swimming. I wish you continued success with the Swim School and will continue to recommend you. Kind regards, Jane Taylor. (10th January 2016)


Sophia has learnt and enjoyed swimming at the Swim School. Elliott, Nat, Jamie and Perry have been excellent instructors. All were patient, professional and made swimming easy to follow and fun! Kind regards, Donna. (4th January 2016)


Our daughter Maisie has really enjoyed her lessons since the age of three with your staff at Sandbach. We'd like to thank you all for support with Maisie's swimming. She is turning into a super swimmer and this is down to Lee and Dan in no small measure. Thanks, Jonathan. (1st January 2016)


I would like to thank all the staff who have been involved in teaching Angus over the last five years. I believe it is a super organisation and would definitely recommend the classes to other people. Karen Fuller. (24th December 2015)


Just wanted to say a great big thank you for all your hard work this year. Becky's been given the opportunity to be trained by the coach of Chester's swim squad on a Tuesday as part of her water polo training. Jill Scott-Davies (23rd December 2015)


I would just like to pass on my feedback regarding Noel. In just a few lessons he has made a huge difference to my son's swimming. He has a great manner with the children and makes the lessons fun. As a result, Joshua is now confident to have his face in the water and is engaged and enthusiastic in the lessons. Thanks, Lizzy Peacock. (23rd November 2015)


Captain Dave and Gaz have been so successful in their teaching that both boys have secured places at Chester Junior Tri squad! Of course, I will continue to recommend the swim school to anybody that will listen! Sinead. (23rd November 2015)


Thank you all so much for your wonderful teaching, Lily has come on so much and the teachers have been great. Thanks again, Lisa Hessey (4th November 2015)


We've had an amazing experience with The Swim School. Pedro is very confident in the water and this is in no small part due to your efforts. Kindest regards, Joana Mendes (2nd November 2015)


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the team at The Swim School. Alexis is a completely different child in the water to who she was only a few weeks ago and this almost entirely down to the excellent teaching she's recieved with you, with your constant encouragement, patience and enthusiasm. Simply to get her face wet was a real challenge a few weeks ago and now she is swimming confidently with no muscles and tells me that going underwater is her favourite thing to do! She also managed to jump in alone with no goggles at the weekend. Alexis is now begging me to let her do two classes a week! What a difference, I am so grateful to you for helping her discover this new confidence and love of water. Huge thanks once again. Jenny (2nd November 2015)


My two children are loving the lessons...the teaching is fantastic and Captain Gaz (as they call him) has a really great balance of professionalism and fun with the children. I have seen such a difference with their swimming already which is entirely down to Gaz and his approach, so thank you! Julie (12th October 2015)


I would like to thank you and in particular Lee and Dan for their fantastic teaching, which has built up Williams confidence enormously. In eighteen months he has gone from being a non swimmer to finally catching up with kids his own age and more importantly being a very competent swimmer. Best wishes, Georgina Birchall (1st October 2015)


We have been attending the Swim School for some years now, with both my son and daughter and have always been really pleased with the high standard of lessons that you provide. I would like to extend a huge thank you to your staff, in particular Lee, for their enthusiasm and commetment. It really has made swimming fun for the children. With regards, Janet Maxwell (29th September 2015)


I would like to add that we have been so impressed with the Swim School. My son was able to swim properly within a few weeks of starting. I cannot rate Captain Lee and Captain Dan highly enough - they have been absolutely amazing! Kind regards, Julie (29th September 2015)


William is a fabulous swimmer and the lessons have really helped him to improve his strokes, diving and speed in the water, he has thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks, Lesley Halsall (29th September 2015)


Many thanks to the team at the Swim School, especially Lee and Dan. They have been fantastic teachers who have made it fun too. Best wishes, Lisa and Ray (26th September 2015)


The course has been really good and I feel that my swimming has improved dramatically, so I would definitely recommend the course! Regards, Lucienne (22nd September 2015)


Madeleline has been coming to the Swim School from a very young age and has really enjoyed it, a huge thank you to the team at Sandbach, they are amazing! Many thanks, Rebecca Sykes (22nd September 2015)


May I take this opportunity to thank Lee for being an incredible teacher, he has given Coco great skill and confidence in the water. Kind regards, Debbie Evans (18th September 2015)


I'd like to thank Huss as he has been a great swimming teacher and Molly has really enjoyed her lessons. Thankyou, Alice Adams (15th September 2015)


Thankyou for your excellent teaching, I have recommended you to lots of parents! Thanks, Kate Matthews (14th September 2015)


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave and Gareth  for excellent teaching, they have given to both my girls. Regards, Nicola Conway (11th September 2015)


I would like to say that I am very impressed with the lessons, the swimming teachers are fantastic and I would highly recommend The Swim School. Many thanks, Rachel (11th September 2015)


I'd like to thank you for taking my daughter on a journey from being scared of the water to being a very strong and capable swimmer. Many thanks, Rupert Ford (7th September 2015)


Jack has thoroughly enjoyed his swimming lessons at Linden Lodge, thank you for making him such a strong swimmer. Kind regards, Louise Furber (6th September 2015)


I would like to say a special thanks to the swim school..., the teaching has vastly contributed in Bella becoming a confident/capable swimmer for her age. Regards, Danny Russell (4th September 2015)


We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with The Swim School and will continue to highly recommend it to our friends. kind regards, Katy James (3rd September 2015)


Jake has absolutely loved his swimming lessons with Lee and Dan. You have two fantastic coaches in Lee and Dan, please pass on our thanks. Thankyou, Mark and Liz (3rd September)


Thankyou for everything, Lee, Dan and Dave have taught all 3 of my children to be confident swimmers, with lots of laughs along the way. Thanks again, Jill (3rd September 2015)


Thanks to all the great instructors at The Swim School, he is now a confident and happy swimmer. Kind regards, Charlotte d'Ancona (2nd September 2015)


I'd like to say a big thankyou to Captain Lee and Dan who always work so hard with the children and whose water themed rhymes have worked wonders! Thanks again, Catherine Lawson (2nd September 2015)


I just want to say a big thankyou to both Krys and Dan for a great fast track...Max and Zoe have really enjoyed their time with you both. Many thanks, Millie (2nd September 2015)


I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the teaching staff at Sandbach... Madeleine is now a confident and able swimmer thanks to their encouragement and excellent teaching. Many thanks, Audra Blackburn (31st August 2015)


I would like to say thankyou to all the swimming teachers at Bracknell as they do a marvelous job teaching adults and children alike, I have gained so much confidence throughout the year. Many thanks, Lorna Gilbert (20th August 2015)


Tamara has had a fantastic time swimming with Jamie and Perry, she's become so confident in the water...Thankyou all so much once again for the great coaching and suppport. Zuzana and Tamara (17th August 2015)


Maddie and Scott can both swim to a standard I am happy with thanks to your wonderful staff. They have loved being taught by them. Elliot, Perry and Jamie have been great. Many thanks, Louise Crofts (30th July 2015)


 On behalf of Holmes Chapel Primary School I would like to say a very big thank you to The Swim School for your generous support of our summer fair. Kindest regards, Fiona Fernando (5th July 2015)


Thanks very much indeed - it's a fantastic swim school. Alex Chamberlain (27th June 2015)


Thanks for teaching Jonathan to swim, he was so afraid of water when I first bought him for lessons, he no longer has that problem, thanks to great coaching. Kindest, Carol Sturch (27th June 2015)


A big thank you from all of us at Sheringdale Primary School. We would like to thank you for your generous contribution to our 2015 Summer Fari.Many thanks again. With best wishes, Juilet Morel (27th June 2015)


I thought you would like to know that two of your former pupils Amy Howell & James Baker who both swam at Kings School, Chester swimming lessons are getting married on July 11th 2015!  They attended for many years (aged 10-17 - both are now 24). They were taught by Lee & Dave & now we know why they enjoyed swimming so much & needed to attend for so long as it was the only time & place they met up! They are both by the way still brilliant swimmers!  Many thanks, Bev Howell (19th June 2015)


Well what can I say other than WOW! Aimee had her first swimming lesson yesterday & she managed to achieve more in one lesson with you than she did for the six weeks she attended the Carnival Pool. Aimee was a little girl who hated being splashed or get water on her face, however, by the end of your lesson she was jumping in the pool unaided, going under water to pick up objects & manoeuvered herself along and through hula hoops. I am absolutley amazed and very proud of how much Aimee achieved yesterday, so I wanted to say thank you for a great lesson, good fun and Aimee's response was 'Mummy that was absolutley awesome!'. Well done & you are a great team, see you next week. Kind regards, Liz Hough (3rd June 2015)


The swim school has been great. Thank you, Alex Watson (26th May 2015)


Katie & Holly have been with the swim school for 7 years since they were 5 years old & are now highly competent swimmers.  We would like to thank the teachers who have been instrumental in teaching the girls to such a high standard over the years. With kind regards, Jackie & Mike Stephen (23rd May 2015)


We would liek to thank the swim school...the lessons are wonderful & the staff superb. Regards, Keith George (22nd May 2015)


The swim lessons are excellent. Thanks, Hazel Douce (21st May 2015)


The swim school team have been fantastic & Euan has loved his time there. Thanks & kind regards, Adam Cooke (21st May 2015)


We have always been pleased with the excellent quality of teaching. Many thanks, Anna Massie (19th May 2015)


Margot has made excellent progress with her swimming over the past year or so, please pass on our thanks to the teachers. Kind regards, Katy Melville (18th May 2015)


Toby has really enjoyed The Swim School lessons over the years & has made fantastic progress. Regards, Alison Roberts (18th May 2015)


Thank you for teaching both Abigail & Ben for the last 7 years. Best wishes to you all & thanks once again. The Bryan-Harrris Family (1st May 2015)


Thank you so much for all your help, brilliant teaching & encouragement. I have loved my time at Linden Lodge with the Sarah Harris team & I am really proud to be moving to the Wandsworth County Squad. I wouldn't have made it to the Squad without you! Thank you, Elliott Hampton (1st May 2015)


Whilst we're over the moon Ciara got accepted into Kingston Royals, she was put into lanes with swimmers much older than herself because of her outstanding technique. This is massive thanks to you and you're team. However Ciara said she simply doesn't enjoy Kingston Royals squad training anywhere near as much as a Wednesday evening swim with you! (29th April 2015)


Thank you for all your support & excellent teaching with Zoe. We are so proud of Zoe as she swims beautifully with amazing technique which is all down to the high quality of the teachers over the last 5 years. Kind regards, Sarah Russell (26th April 2015)


We have been really happy with the progress Joe & Isabella have made & with the all round atmosphere of the swim school. Thank you for the excellent teaching & please pass on my thanks to the teachers who have made such a difference to Bella & Joe's swimming. Thanks again. Kind regards, Michelle Wright (24th April 2015)


Emily has enjoyed herself & come on with her swimming so much. Thank you, Katherine Prince (21st April 2015)


I just want to say a big thanks to all those who have helpedNoah in his progress. Cheers, Paul Hobson (21st April 2015)


Abigail has loved swimming with the swim school for 7 long years & she will miss it very much. A big thank you to you & your school for all your patience & teaching & they will both miss it immensely. I wish you all the best for the future. Thank you once again, Jo McIntosh (18th April 2015)


I attended the adult session in Chester last night & just wanted to pass on my feedback. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the swimming lesson last night! I came home with a real sense of achievement. Thank you, Jackie Salmon (18th April 2015)


Freddie has really enjoyed his lessons. Thank you, Julie McCole (14th April 2015)


Mia has benefited greatly from her swimming classes - a big thank you. Regards, Mrs Diane Slator (14th April 2015)


We have been delighted with the swim school. Kind regards, Lindsey Farrelly (16th March 2015)


Both Joao & Teresa have loved being taught by The Swim School & we really believe you are a great team.  Claudia Rodrigues (16th March 2015)


My daughter, Evie, is currently swiiming with Pat...Pat has donce such a great job of turning her into a little fish...Pat has also taught my son Callen (a few years back now) and he is a fantastic teacher.  I have been delighted with the Swim School and will continue to recommend you to all my friends.  Kind regards, Mirella Lord (11th March 2015)


Thanks for support with helping James to swim. Kevin Upton (24th February 2015)


Thank you very much for all the encouragement, patience & professionalism you have shown & given Noah in his quest to do longer distances.  From wanting to give up (with his other swim lessons) he now seems set on doing more distances, getting quicker & generally becoming a stronger & more competent swimmer.  The motivation & focus you have helped give him during lessons & distance swims has given him renewed confidence & made him feel good about his achievements.  I am truly grateful to you all & I will continue to spread the word about what a great team you all are at Bracknell.  The family atmosphere you create can only help the The Swim School go from strength to strength & I will you all the best. Rachel Groves (Mum to Noah & Sarah) (20th February 2015)


Margot has enjoyed The Swim School & has progressed really well.  Katy Melville (8th February 2015)


Abe would like to thank everyone for the fun years he has had in his lessons with The Swim School.  He has clearly leart alot. Penny Higgins (7th February 2015)


Thank you to all the staff at The Swim School who were incredible helpful during our daughter's assessment last Saturday...have highly recommended Linden Lodge to all our friends.  Philippa Foskett (5th February 2015)


I just wanted to e-mail to say how happy I am with my son Jude's swimming since he started with the swim school at the end of October.  Captain Dan has been brilliant & is so enthusiatic - it's really contagious & it is clear to see how much Jude's confidence has grown already & how he is developing as a swimmer in such a short space of time.  He swims at MGS on a Monday - so please pass on my thanks to the MGS team.  Long may he be swimming with the swim school!  Kind regards, Sarah Chilvers (9th December 2014)


I am writing to thank you for your support for our Christmas Fair at Our Lady Queen of Heaven RC Primary School. Yours sincerely, Angela Pitcher (4th December 2014)


I wanted to express my delight in attending the latest adult swimming lesson where Huss was my teacher for the first time.  The way he handled the session & everyone in it was amazing.  Huss is calm but yet inspires confidence.  He clearly recognises how people are feeling - it was like he was reading my mind!  His one on one attention to each individual in the group was also top draw.  My friend, Peter has also has said the same thing & holds Huss in high regard...This Tuesday I left the pool feeling like a million dollars & I'm sure the others in the group feel the same.  Kind regards, Simon Bennison (16th November 2014)


My granddaughter Mia is doing so well in her swimming lessons with the swim school.  In fact, I think all the teacher's I have seen on poolside are doing a brilliant job.  The enthusiasm & learning style approach towards the children is great.  Best regards, Di Slater (31st October 2014)


I would again like to take this opportunity to thank the swim school for all their work with Matthew – he has changed from a frightened nervous non swimmer (after falling into a swimming pool) to a child who, whilst will never be the next Michael Phelps, is now confident in water and enjoys being in the pool. (17 October 2014)


 I just wanted to write & say thank you a zillion for all the fantastic techniques & little skills that you've taughtme during my time with the swim school. I can safely say that my stamina has greatly improved during my time there & undoubtedly swimming is now my best sporting activity ever! Also, swimming has really helped me to keep fit & I now make it a point to swim once a week. The Swim School has given me a love of swimming & I have enquired about joining the Manchester Uni Swimming Society...Thank you for beliving in me & always, ALWAYS encouraging me & telling me that I was making excellent progress. You run a beautiful swim school & Mum always said 'the ambience is so beautiful, such nice people' & it's so true. Yours swimmingly, Tiffany Sinclair (25th Sept 2014)


I would like to send my thanks to Hussein for his brilliant swimming lessons that my daughter Evie has attended on a Wednesday evening since January 2014.  Hussein has such a brilliant & clear teaching style which was easy for the kids to understand & follow.  As a parent I often watch Huss teach - he is so engaging.  Regards, Kirstie King (8th September 2014)


Fantastic! Another amazing fast track week. Superb coaching skills and dramatic improvements for all the kids. My son did not want the week to end! Huge thanks to Elliott and Perry - they could not have worked harder or cared more about the children and their progress and confidence in the water. Thanks again, Corrine Williams (8th August 2014)


I am a child psychologist and the way Pat and Huss handle and talk to the children is incredible. I always have my professional head on but cannot praise them enough and wanted to pass this on! I am so happy! Mrs Lane (2nd August 2014)


I'd be grateful if you could pass on a huge thank you to Krys for all his brilliant positive coaching without which Felix wouldn't be where he is today. Best wishes, Heidi (27th July 2014)


We are writing to thank you for your generous donation towards our summer fair. Overall, we raised £15,000 and had a fantastic day. Yours faithfully, The children of East Sheen Primary School (17th July 2014)

I would like to thank Lee for teaching my boys to an exceptionally high standard and he is a credit to The Swim School as a fantastic teacher.  Jane Hartley (17th July 2014)


Dave has been a fantastic teacher for Alex over the years. Kind regards, Clare Bayley (21st July 2014)


What I really saw really impressed me.  I was thrilled to see smaller groups, all engaged, all learning specific swimming skills.  I loved the concept of taking the non swimmers (wearing their muscles) into the deep end.  It's genius to give them that feeling of being a swimmer, to be able to float & feel the freedom in the water.  All in all, what I saw was brilliantly executed, fast paced lesson matching each group to an appropriate activity...I was very impressed!  You made my day!  Yours, Catrina Benham (14th July 2014)


My son has been swimming with you at Linden Lodge on a Sunday morning for a while and utterly loves it, making good progress, so thank you!. Many thanks. (9th July 2014)


I just wanted to write to say a huge thank you for the four days swimming fast track that Kerris attended. The way the teacher's interact with the children is really effective and I know  Kerris's swimming ability has improved in those 4 days. Please pass my thanks on to the Bracknell team. See you again soon, kind regards, Collette (4th July 2014)


I'll still be booking him into a summer course with you guys once I get our holiday dates in order as he loves swimming so much and we love the Sarah Harris Swim School! I would like to thanks to all the staff which have taught Max over the last couple of years both during term time and during the holidays. Your personal approach and dedication to homing in on improving Max's strokes has been wonderful to watch. It's a truly special swim school with truly passionate teachers and we are so glad we found you! Thank you and kind regards, Eleanor Langlois (30th June 2014)


I have to say what a joy it is to have Kwok on your team. He has taught Josh and Rebecca and they are master swimmers now! Many thanks, Maggie Vant'Hoff (22nd June 2014)

Melissa has enjoyed many many years at the swim school... Thank you. Diane and Melissa Finnegan (11th June 2014)

Captain Dave has been great with Zach and Lil, and I have seen such an improvement in them both in terms of stamina and technique. The 45 mins lesson is also much better as they actually have the time to get into the lesson. I have been happy to recommend the lessons. Regards, Jo Younis (4th June 2014)


Lucy has been with the swim school for approx 7 years and Dave has been her main teacher, she loves going and knows she is progressing each lesson. His relaxed style and professional way of explaining what he wants Lucy to do is excellent. From a parents point of view, seeing progression in a safe and relaxed atmosphere is all I ask. Keep up the great work. Many Thanks (30th May 2014)


The lessons have been great and all three teachers at Sandbach have a really lovely manner with their students. I would not hesitate to recommend the swim school to other parents. Many thanks, Vicki Cooper (9th May 2014)


Many thanks...for the swimming lessons.  Matthew has thoroughly enjoyed his time at the swim school and has learnt a lot since starting. Kind regards, Karen Elsby (23rd April 2014)


Archie's swimming has improved incredibly since attending the swim school, Kool Krys and Pirate Pat have both helped Archie's swimming since he joined. Many thanks, Ray Kelly. (14th April 2014)


William has been going to classes since he was three and I cannot recommend The Swim School enough. I would like to thank all the instructors for all their hard work and commitment they have given to William over the years. Kind regards, Karen Fuller (11th Aril 2014)


I would like to thank you all, for the good work you have put in with Evie and would gladly recomend you to others. Many regards, John Wilson (7th April 2014)


Lucy, like her sister Eliza, has benefited enormously from the swimming instruction at The Sarah Harris School of Swimming and I shall not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you very much to all the teachers the girls have had. Susanna King-Christopher (28th March 2014)


I'd just like to say a big thank you to Pirate Pat for all his hard work. He teaches all three of my children and he has been amazing with all of them...they have come on so much in just one term...he's a real credit to the swim school. Thank you Liz (28th March 2014)


I would like to say that over the years she has attended, she has enjoyed it and become a very competent swimmer, enabling her to win school competitions and confidently play in the sea (seeing many colourful and exotic fish around the world) and pools whilst on holiday. We would certainly recommend the swim school to parties interested in swimming lessons for their children. Regards, Nikki (24th March 2014)


Many thanks to Captain Lee who runs the classes at The Kings School, Chester for all the hard work in teaching the girls to swim to such an excellent standard. Kind regards, Claire Theil (10th March 2014)


I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for helping Poppy with her swimming. She had her very first swimming gala today and she won the 25m Backstroke and her team came first in the relay where she swam Frontcrawl. She was able to do so well due to your wonderful coaching, so thanks again. She's still in shock, I think! We really appreciate the high standard of teaching you guys have given Poppy and Mia. Regards, Rachel Bickley (5th March 2014)


Just to say that both George and Grace had great sessions this morning. Both Perry and Jamie were superb and really encouraging! Thanks for all your help in making this happen for us, very appreciated. Linda (2nd March 2014)


Just a quick note to say thank you for putting on such a marvellous diving class today which Max took part in. It was absolutely fabulous. Such enthusiasm and encouragement really is appreciated. It was lovely to see some of the other teachers from Bracknell too, although if you hadn't mentioned it I would have assumed you all worked together everyday as it was so seamless. Thank you, Eleanor and Max Langlois (20th February 2014)


My children had their swimming assessment with Hussein and Elliot today in Bracknell and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! Thank you! I thought both gentleman were excellent - truly the best swim teachers I've ever seen. Your style of teaching really is as good as your brochure states! Kate Gower (15th February 2014)


Emelia has really enjoyed her time at the swim school (about 6 years) and is now a very competent swimmer. Special thanks go to Captain Lee and Captain Dan for running such a friendly school which manages to be fun at the same time as teaching. Thank you, Amanda Fry (28th January 2014)


I would like to say thank you for your teachers effort made with Joe, Captain Lee is a credit to your company. Thanks David Gibson (25th January 2014)


Ben is now a good swimmer and we are grateful to excellent coaching he has had whilst at the swim school. Regards, Rachel Collett (24th January 2014)


Can I say thank you to you all and especially Dan, he is an amazing teacher and a credit to you all. Regards Claire Colloff (23rd January 2014)


My son had his first class at the Bracknell Swim School yesterday. We have gone to many classes over the years and I have to say this is, by far, the best we have been to. This is exactly the sort of class I've always wanted for my son. A positive, structured class that focuses on the children with space to learn. Fantastic! I'm sure you will be a great success. Regards, Corinne Williams (20th January 2014)


Rosie and Molly Dow....have been with the swim school, mostly with Captain Lee and Dan for a number of years and I'd like to thank them both for the teaching they have given to our daughters. It's also been fun! Many thanks Mo Dow (18th January 2014)


Many thanks to Dave and Lee for teaching Lily to swim from when she was a very little and a nervous tot. They have been fantastic teachers especially Lee as Lily loved his banter and good humour! He knows how to incentivize the kids in their swimming efforts. It has been on my recommendations that at least 4 other families joined the swim school at Kings over the last few years. They to are happy with the quality of coaching. I shall be thanking both Lee and Dave in person on Thursday but if you could pass this note on. Yours sincerley, Maeve Kenningham (14th January 2014)


Alice will miss the swim school very much since it has been a part of her life for such a long time. Kind regards, Shirley Griffin (13th January 2014)


Just like to say thank you very much to the swim school for the excellent lessons. It has inspired Abbie to join a swim club and we would like to recommend your lessons to anyone. Many thanks, Sue Gifford (13th January 2014)


He is a confident swimmer and has enjoyed his lessons over many years. Many thanks, Karen Savage (6th January 2014)


I would like to say how impressed we are with the quality of the Swim School's tuition (Captain Lee) and we are delighted with Tom's progress. Kind regards, Lesley Brookes (4th January 2014)


We would like to thank all the MGS instructors, past and present, who have contributed to her swimming skills. She has always enjoyed her lessons and as parents we are very thankful for the life skills she has acquired in the pool. Regards, Katherine & Justin Strong (2nd January 2014)


Thanks to the swim school for giving Saskia an amazing start to her life as a swimmer. Best Regards, Sandra (19th December 2013)


Many thanks to to the swim school. Regards, Kay Metcalfe (18th December 2013)


Thanks for another very enjoyable term of swimming, my boys are making tremendous progress and just wanted to say that our teachers Pat, Krys and Kwok are terrific. Wishing you a Merry Christmas from all of us. Maria Angelone (16th December 2013)


I was very pleased with how well Daisy was taught by Gaz, and we both thought very highly of him. Kind regards, Clare Roberts (16th December 2013)


Thank you for the tremendous coaching that has been put into all 3 of my children while learning to swim with yourselves. Kind regards, Suzanne Jones (12th December 2013)


On behalf of the Christmas Fair Commitee, all the children at Prospect House School would like to say a very big thank you for your kind donation towards our Christmas Fair.  Best wishes, Prospect House School, Putney SW15 (10th December 2013)


Thanks for all that the swim school has done for Alex over the years. Aris will continue to benefit from them for years ahead. Warmly, Elena Antonacopoulou (8th October 2013)


We have been very pleased with all the staff at Sandbach.  Very professional and great tutors. Many thanks, David Broadgate (6th October 2013)


Once again thank you for the support and training you have given both Alex and Olivia over the past 10 years. Best regards, Tim & Nicki Jeffries (5th October 2013)


The lessons have been excellent!  Many thanks and kind regards, John Wilson (4th October 2013)


May I take this opportunity to thank you for the enjoyable instruction. Many thanks, Sue Mills (3rd October 2013)


Amelia has really benefited from her time with the swim school. Kind regards, Thalia Morris (3rd October 2013)


Both of my children learnt to swim with the Swim School and the tuition they have received has been first class. All teachers have been excellent. They all communicate well with the children, make the lessons fun and their tuition has given Alex a love of the sport and a desire to take his swimming further. Many thanks, Nicola Jeffrires (3rd October 2013)


Fred has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons so far and it has been great for us to see the progress he's made over the short time he has been doing the course. Thanks, Sarah Teasdale (3rd October 2013)


Lee has really helped him to focus more, and his swimming is miles better as a result. Thanks, Jane Walter (2nd October 2013)


We'd like to thank you for the excellent tuition he has received, giving him confidence and ability to enjoy being in the water. Also for always making the lessons fun. Thank you, Janet Maxwell (29th September 2013)


Oliver attended his taster session today. We were impressed and would very much like to sign him up for classes. Many thanks, Sally Badger (28th September 2013)


Alex loved his lesson! Jane Page (27th September 2013)

I now consider Reece to be a very good swimmer...I would like to thank the swim school. Many thanks, Graham Hayler (26th September 2013)


Thank you for Harry's free assessment. He really enjoyed his time, and thought Dan was a very good teacher as did I. Thanks in advance, Dave Beech (25th September 2013)


Both kids have made big progress already, thank you. Best wishes, Cathy Sage (25th September 2013)

I would like to thank you for all the help you have given to my 3 children. You are all superstars! Kind regards, Toby Windsor (24th September 2013)


My personal thanks to Sarah and Rick. They've been such great supporters to both our children over the years. Best wishes, Alex Bertram (23rd September 2013)


We would like to thank you for all your help over the last 3 years...Phil who we think has been great with Finn. Many thanks, Sarah & Allen Sheldon (23rd September 2013)


The service you offer sounds wonderful, and having spoken with friends who take their children to your lessons I know how good you are. Much appreciated, Tim Roberts (19th September 2013)


I would like to thank the team at Sandbach for all their hard work with Megan. Regards, Alistair Joyce (16th September 2013)


You are a very good swimming school and you brought Charlotte on leaps and bounds from when she started with you a good few years ago, I always told my friends who she swam with, thank you for getting her to a good level of swimming, she really enjoys herself. Best regards, Jo Darton (16th September 2013) 


Tom has loved swimming lessons with Dan. He's an absolutely brilliant teacher and Tom has learnt an awful lot from him. Many thanks, Louise Casey (16th September 2013)

Both children have settled in really well and are loving their lessons. Many thanks, Kath Tooth (16th September 2013)


My two daugthers Sixtine and Domitille have had a really great time. Marie Liesch (11th September 2013)


Kai's trial with Brill Becca went very well. Many thanks, Sato Tanimoto (10th September 2013)


Lucas has really enjoyed his swimming lessons and has developed alot so please pass on my thanks to Krys and his never ending patience. Regards, Colin Bearne (10th September 2013)


Imogen swam constantly on holiday, diving in the pool for dive sticks etc so thanks to your help we did get the end result I was hoping for (a much more confident swimmer who is happy to put her face in the water!). Kind Regards, Emma Newell (9th September 2013)


Ottilie has enjoyed the lessons, which to my mind have been to a high standard. Lisa Goodfellow (9th September 2013)


Please thank the team for the fantastic job they have done teaching my kids to swim so beautifully. Thanks, Mel Hayes (9th September 2013)


Huge thanks for the excellent swim lessons. I have been really impressed by Lee and the way he engages with the children, I already persuaded 3 other people to join and will continue to recommend your club. Best Regards, Caroline Gill (9th September 2013)


We think that Ben & Sam have made excellent progress and thank you for teaching them so well. Many Thanks, Julie Theobalds (8th September 2013)


Jamie has thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the years of classes he has attended with Lee and Dan who are both great teachers and really good guys! Kind Regards, Graham Anderson (7th September 2013)


I'd like to thank your excellent teachers for the progress I have made so far and the confidence I have gained to even swim in the British Sea this summer! Many Thanks, Helen Richards (6th September 2013)


I've actually been swimming with you for over a year now, and I have totally enjoyed the whole experience. Thanks especially to Becca and Pat for all their help with teaching me and my Mum and Auntie to swim. Its been a pleasure! All the very best, Sue Ximines-Anthony (6th September 2013)


They have both thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. Regards, Denise Howard (5th September 2013)


Thank you for the lessons, they have been great! Claire McFadden (2nd September 2013).


Tess, you taught Daniel who really enjoyed your class and your encouragement helped him become a swimmer last week - so thank you so much. Please pass on our thanks also to Dan and Rick who helped Daniel take enormous steps forward in 5 sessions. With very best wishes, Tracy Phillips  (2nd September 2013).


My daughter, Ciara McNicholas, joined Kings Swim School about a year or so ago and has come on leaps and bounds. In fact, during the summer holiday abroad she actually swam 2 x 50m lengths unaided, and has also mastered diving for the 'sinkers' - something that she couldn't do with confidence before (ask Gareth at the Kings School, Chester) She's now SO excited that the lessons are restarting next week and can't wait to go and show off! Kind regards, Mandy (2nd September 2013).


Scarlett has loved her lessons! Kind Regards, Mrs Rudge (1st September 2013)


Honey has enjoyed her time at The Swim School and we thank you for all that you have taught her. Many Thanks, Sabrina Naudeer (31st August 2013)


We are very happy with Lola's progression from the swim school and hope we find something as good in Worcester. Thank you, Jim Mate (31st August 2013)


We think the swim school has been great with Thomas. Many thanks. Kind Regards, Jane Williams (31st August 2013)


May I say again how pleased I have been with the progress the children (Freddie and Cecelia) have made in their swimming through the Swim School and how much they have enjoyed their lessons. A big thank you to all the Swim School staff at Linden Lodge! Kind regards Kate Bower (31st August 2013).


Thanks so much again for the fast track course this week - Charlie enjoyed himself and I think he's quite sad it's all over! Thanks so much, Kirsty O'Shea (30th August 2013)


I would like to thank you and especially Josie for her time and patience. We would definitely use your school again and would recommend it to others. Regards Faizel Williams (29th August 2013)


Many thanks to the team for all their support it was a very enjoyable time. Kind regards Andrew Stone (29th August 2013)


I will have to mention your outstanding teachers. It was a great experience for them as they made quick progress and the swim school is the best indeed! Thank you and kind regards Razia Beekawoo (28th August 2013)


Cora has had a fantastic time at Kings School! Thanks, Edel Harland (27th August 2013)


My children enjoyed their lessons at the swim school this summer and we noticed a big improvement in their swimming on our summer holiday the following week. Kind regards, Claire Stansfield (27th August 2013)


A parent recommended you as the best swimming school in the area.  Kind regards, Andrew Morrison (22nd August 2013)


Louis thoroughly enjoyed his lessons and found Lee to be an excellent teacher and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support. Best Wishes Zenneth Holders (20th August 2013)


The lessons you gave were wonderful. We were lucky enough to have Lee as his teacher. Lee was gentle, understanding, funny and extremely capable. Just great!  Frances Passmore (12th August 2013)


We've been coming to The Swim School for years now...really appreciate your flexibility. See you next term! Joanne Smyth (9th August 2013)


Johnny and Mikey have so enjoyed the past two days swimming lessons! Nicky Eldridge (6th August 2013)


Many thanks for her assessment today, she was a little apprehensive but once Becca put her mind at ease she absolutely loved it! Julie Scudder (6th August 2013) 


Rigby has been attending and has improved a great deal. Thanks, Sam Rowden (5th August 2013)


Matilda thoroughly enjoyed the fast track course last week and was thrilled that her teacher promoted her to Stroke Improver. Many Thanks, Emma Chisholm (5th August 2013)


Zain really enjoyed the swim programme... and seemed to finally get it today so that was great to see! Best wishes, Ayesha Sara Jamil (2nd August 2013)


Jamie had a fab time again this week doing the BC+ fast track and just clinched his 50m badge. Needless to say that he and I are both thrilled to bits! Many Thanks and Kind Regards, Heather Zweimueller (2nd August 2013)


Please pass on a huge thank you to Sarah and Bella, as that seemed to make the difference - just helping her get in the pool and swimming!! I think Imogen feels much happier with herself. Kind Regards, Emma Newell (31st July 2013)


I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much, Edoardo really enjoyed his swimming! Kind Regards, Barbara Gaion (29th July 2013)


Just to say that I did the triathlon swim on Saturday. I was really pleased and really enjoyed it... Literally could not have done it without you all so pass on my thanks. Cheers, Jeremy Thomas (29th July 2013)


Please once again pass on our sincere thanks to all the staff who have worked with our children for 6 years!!  They have all done so well and are very hopeful that they will get into the swim teams at their new schools. With very best wishes, Alex Durie (27th July 2013)


I really enjoy the lessons, and I would like to thank everyone at the swim school. Yours sincerely, Hla Moe Thaya. (26th July 2013)


I just wanted to say how fantastic Krys is. Lukas has done his best swimming ever today. Thank you! Mandy Garnett (24th July 2013)


Thanks to Dan and Lee for teaching Seth so well. Regards, Olivia Champion (23rd July 2013)


I wanted to write to you to thank you so much for the fantastic coaching that Emily has received over the last three/four years at Linden Lodge... I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping Emily to develop into such a lovely swimmer! Kindest Regards, Emma Newell (23rd July 2013)


Daniel and Leila Hamilton have really enjoyed the lessons, thank you! Kind Regards, Allison Hamilton (23rd July 2013)


Thank you for your very generous donation of 5 swimming lessons for our Summer Fair raffle...The fair was a huge success and raised much needed funds for our school. Your contribution was greatly appreciated by the PTA. Yours sincerely Alison Bolt (19th July 2013)


Thank you for all your help with swimming.  We have really enjoyed learning to swim at Linden Lodge you have been brilliant teachers. Very Best Wishes, Victoria Snyman (18th July 2013)


I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Lee - he has been Callum's teacher since he started and has been amazing. Callum has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons and Lee has made them fun and ensured that Callum has developed into a really good swimmer. Many Thanks, Sharon Davidson-Guild (17th July 2013)


We are writing to thank you for your generous donation towards our summer fair. Yours faithfully, The children of East Sheen Primary School (17th July 2013)


I have been very pleased with her progress at Linden Lodge, and the positive and nurturing approach of the teachers. Kind Regards, Claire Davies (15th July 2013)


They both loved it! Zoe Morrey (13th July 2013)


Jake Johnson is joining this weekend. We wanted to say how fantastic we thought the lessons were, we were really impressed with the team and the atmosphere, and they did a cracking job! Leah Johnson (11th July 2013)


A very big thank you for the very generous donation you made to The Alton School Summer Fair. I am pleased to say that this donation contributed to a very successful event, which the children will benefit from immensely! Yours faithfully Abi Cutmore (8th July 2013)


Regan loved her swim assessment and we would love to go ahead with some lessons. Rebecca Dunning (8th July 2013)


Many thanks for all the years of teaching that myself and my three girls have had, they could not of had a better start. Hermione already has her sights on being in the regional team in the next 12 months. Charlotte Richards (8th July 2013)


Thanks so much for the amazing work you have done with Joshua over the last couple of terms. His swimming has improved so much and he loves it. Thanks, Simon Pakenham-Walsh (5th July 2013)


I enjoyed the swimming lessons and would recommend them to others. Many thanks, Sam Cowburn (3rd July 2013)


We have really loved the swim classes, especially those with Pirate Pat, and are grateful for the big improvement Sasha has made! Many Thanks, Nienke Oomes (1st July 2013)


Can you please pass on my thanks and appreciation for your patience and the great work that you did with Ava in improving her skills and confidence before she moved on to sessions in the big pool. Thanks, Basil Skeete (30th June 2013)


We have just attended the swimming assessment and we're very impressed. Kind Regards, Elizabeth Bell (30th June 2013)


Andy has been a fantastic teacher for Minnie and she has progressed hugely with him. Kind Regards, Claire and Minnie (26th June 2013)


We have been delighted with the quality of lessons. Thank you very much, Judith Beazley (24th June 2013)


I'm so impressed with The Swim School and seeing Jake progress so quickly. Best wishes, Emma Campbell (21st June 2013)


Please can I say what a brilliant coach Lee has been, and James has improved so much. He's also made it fun and James has enjoyed being in his groups so much. Many thanks, Di Palgrave-Jones (21st June 2013)


Callen's loved his time with The Swim School and we feel happy that he can swim enough to save his life. He's loved all of his teachers over the years. Mirella Lord (15th June 2013) 


Torran went last Monday and came away so happy and pleased with what he achieved. Susannah Hamilton (12th June 2013)


I recently learn't of your Swim School from two of my neighbours - they both speak highly of your programme. Katie Conlan (9th June 2013)


Leo enjoyed the course very much and I was very impressed with his good progress. Regards, Svjetlana Zagorac (9th June 2013)


Ciara has learnt to swim very well in the last few years - thanks to all involved. Regards, John Farrell (7th June 2013)


We just want to say that Max loved his first lesson with you and we really love the way you teach. See you soon, Eleanor & Steve (6th June 2013)


I have just found out about your Swim School through a friend (who was raving about the classes!) and I would really like to start my 3 year old with swimming lessons asap. Thanks very much, Daisy O'Clee (4th June 2013)


We would like to say a big thank you to Lee as he has been inspirational to Tom and a fantastic teacher. Many thanks Allie Bailes (28th May 2013)


Mathias has really enjoyed swimming since joining the school. I want to thank you and all the teachers for your care, kindness and patience with our son all this time.  Best wishes, Carmen Giralt (25th May 2013)


Megan recently swam for school in a county gala, she came first in an individual race and her team came first in relay. I felt so proud when parents I did not know complimented me on her style and grace... the classes have really developed her. Dave has taught her for some years, she has thrived under his skilful teaching, thank you for the success.  Regards Nikki Keeling (22nd May 2013)


We are thrilled with the teaching and Amy loves the lessons, and in a short time seems to be swimming better under her own steam, which is marvelous. Many thanks Julie Webb  (20th May 2013)


Really good to see so many smiling and enthusiastic teachers - what a difference! George was smiling in the water... thanks to Captain Dan. Thanks Nicky Green (20th May 2013)


Thank you all very much he has learn't so much and enjoyed the classes.  Kindest regards  Nikki Wragg ( Mum of Harry)  (19th May 2013)


Emma completed her Gold swim badge. This award is a fantastic memento for Emma who has been swimming with the Swim School since she was 5. She has become a very accomplished swimmer and we would like to thank Captain Lee and the team for their excellent coaching skills over the past 8 years. With kind regards Mike & Jackie Stephen  (19th May 2013)


I would like to thank everyone for the effort with Ellie I am extremely happy with the progress that she has made. Many thanks Michelle (19th May 2013)


Olivia has been swimming with Captain Lee from the age of 5 until now, age 14, and has had a wonderful experience with The Swim School. She has a love of swimming which I am sure will last a lifetime!  Thank you very much, Angela Simon  (19th May 2013)


Thank you all very much for your fantastic swimming lessons over the years. My boys have loved the lessons and fun they've had and their swimming skills have increased no end. Thanks again . We really can't praise your excellent staff and organisation enough. Thank you kindly  Claire Mansell  (17th May 203) 


I'm just writing to thank the swimming teacher's at Linden Lodge for helping me to overcome one of my greatest fears. Pat initially helped me to get the confidence with being on water (massively patient) and get my first length on my first lesson. Later Becca & Krys helped me develop and improve the various swimming techniques which made me push further and further. Only to think that less than 12 months ago I was afraid of swimming, now I'm confident and ready to continue my journey to achieve the biggest ambition which is to become a Royal Marine. Thank you guys!!  Kind regards Juner Madrassi  (11th May 2013)


Both Shanthi and Lakshmi had great fun swimming in Linden Lodge and gained so much water confidence, I am very pleased! Shanthi really enjoyed swimming in his exciting lessons! Thank you! Regards Yuanyuan Ding (6th May 2013)


Beatrice loves coming to class and clearly Justin holds their attention for 45mins. Kind regards Rob and Nicole Richman (3rd May 2013)


Please could you thank the coaches, particularly Becca, for their help and advice in preparation for my upcoming triathlon. I'm now feeling pretty confident for the swim thanks to their help. Many thanks Adam Richford (2nd May 2013)


Alex has been swimming with The Swim School for many years, he has thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. We would like to thank The Swim School for the professional coaching Alex has received, and have no hesitation in recommending you. With very kind regards, Heather Guanaria (22nd April 2013)


Both our daughters (Evie & Alice Elderfiled) attend Monday night classes at MGS - we are really pleased with their on-going progress & remain very impressed with the teaching standard from the teachers - Lee (it goes without saying, is fantastic) plus Gaz & Dan too. Kind regards Sarah Elderfiled (22nd April 2013)


Thanking you for all your help in successfully teaching Ben to swim so well, we couldn't have done it without you.  With Regards, Carole Daniel (22nd April 2013)


Olivia has been having lessons at The Swim School for 5 years now and swims very well, she has enjoyed swimming and learning with Dave who has been a brilliant teacher, he also taught my son, Daniel who again enjoyed his lessons.  Many thanks for all the lessons from Dave who has been fantastic.  Best Regards, Anita Corbett (22nd April 2013)


Giorgia has really enjoyed them and her swimming has improved greatly.  Many Thanks, Jo Torella (22nd April 2013)


I would just like to say that over the years Millie has loved her lessons with Lee, he makes them so much fun and engages with the children better then anyone. He is a true asset to your team. Kind Regards, Alison Lester (21st April 2013)


Joseph really enjoyed it and actually swam without clinging on to me!  Jo Hoss-Webster (20th April 2013)


All three of my children have benefited hugely from the teaching at The Swim School, with Captain Lee, Dan and others. They have always really enjoyed themselves, they have had individual attention and swimming has been made fun. Thank you, Kind Regards, Rachel Muter (20th April 2013)


Tom has been attending your lessons for 3 years now, and has enjoyed his courses, and we have seen good progress. Captain Lee especially has been very patient and encouraging to him... I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your continuous effort and encouragement, and wish you all the very best of luck with your future Olympic medalists!  Kind Regards, Joanne Smyth (20th April 2013)


She has thoroughly enjoyed her time with Lee and he has helped her tremendously with her swimming for which we will be forever grateful.  Many Thanks, Ali Lester (17th April 2013)


Charlie & Zac Jones have enjoyed their first term of lessons at Linden Lodge.  Thank you, Kathy (16th April 2013)


We appreciate everything the guys at Sandbach have done for Daisy...both Dan and Lee have done an excellent job.  Many Regards, John Wilson (16th April 2013)


We have spent many happy years at The Sarah Harris School of Swimming and have achieved so much that we would not have thought possible when we started out. All the staff are a complete credit to you and have exceptional teaching skills and show such enthusiasm and care for the children that they teach... We wish you all the the very best in everything you do and cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Ellie.  Sue Mares (16th April 2013)


Amy attended the assessment yesterday and absolutely loved it... Many thanks, Julie Webb (15th April 2013)


William Blackburn has thoroughly enjoyed learning with your team and is very proud of all his badges... Many thanks for all your support... Paul Blackburn (14th April 2013)


I would like you to pass on my thanks to all those who have taught Matilda at The Swim School. She has really enjoyed her time with you... Many Thanks Claire Davies (14th April 2013)


Just to let you know that Meris had a great lesson with Dan today. Sara O'Donoghue (13th April 2013)


Emily had her taster session today with Gareth and she loved it. She swam with her old enthusiasm.  Thanks, Hayley Pawlett (13th April 2013)


Dave has been a great and patient teacher. Many thanks Jan Cliff (7th April 2013)


Many thanks to Rick and Sarah - this is the end of 12 years of swimming with The Swim School... Regards, Janet & David Thurtell (25th March 2013)


Jamie really loved his swim on Saturday. Was talking about it non-stop! Many thanks, Polly Kennedy (25th March 2013)


Many thanks for arranging Jason's assessment with Pat. Jason thoroughly enjoyed the session and can't wait to begin!  Thought your teachers added so much energy for all the little swimmers and was seriously impressed. Kind regards, Alex Sebastian (24th March 2013)


Both my sons swim at The Swim School with the excellent Captain's Lee & Dave. Regards, Louise Rushforth (20th March 2013)


Many thanks to all the lovely teachers involved with teaching Amelie to swim it is great to see Amelie so confident in the water now. Best wishes, Lynne Lloyd (19th March 2013)


Pat was absolutely great in helping Sasha's transition from the small to the big pool (and he is a great teacher in general!)  Regards, Nienke Oomes (18th March 2013)


We just wanted to take this opportunity to pass on our thanks to Captain Dan & Captain Lee for the excellent training that our two girls, Erin and Ailis, have received over the past few years at The Swim School. In this time we have seen them progress rapidly and turn into extremely confident and competent young swimmers. This has recently come to fruition with out younger daughter, Ailis (9), winning a gold medal for Frontcrawl at the Manchester Primary School Citywide Swimming Finals. Regards, Andy & Claire Law. (18th March 2013)


We would love our sons to have swimming lessons at your school, you have been highly recommended by our good friend who comes on a Sunday morning. Thanks so much, Nikki Stanton (16th March 2013)


Lucy attended the 'Beginners with Confidence' course over the last half term. She loved it, and it gave her such an amazing boost. She has made so much progress - mainly thanks to you all! Many thanks, Vicky Hornsby (15th March 2013)


Thanks to The Swim School team for the excellent training that our son Isaac has received for the last couple of years. James Bailey (12th March 2013)


Following on from Benjamin's assessment....can you let me know when he can join in with a class as soon as possible please....he thought, his words, it was 'Awesome!' Many thanks, Glynda Alasadi (11th March 2013)

I loved the lesson, all the teachers are so nice, they have motivated me a lot! Many thanks, Luana Scotti (9th March 2013)


Luca  has been with Captain Lee for several years and I've been very happy with the teaching skills. Thanks to Lee for all his good work over the years, Janette Wade (8th March 2013)


I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson this week. Many thanks, Amanda Evans (6th March 2013)


We would really like the children to continue with lessons at The Swim School... Krys and Becca have both been great. Becca is so enthusiastic and Krys is so patient with the little ones. Debra Batty (4th March 2013)


Anise has enjoyed swimming at Linden Lodge and has made great progress. Thanks, Mrs Jyoti Patel (4th March 2013)


Freddie enjoyed his swimming assessment immensely. Kind regards, Sarah Bender (4th March 2013)


We wanted to take this opportunity to commend both Kwok and Pat. Kwok was instrumental in gaining Jasper's confidence in the 'Beginner with Parent' class, and really helped in his transition into the main pool, often taking extra time to be there and assist when Jasper was struggling. Once Jasper landed in Pat's class even after the first lesson he was like a different child, he was smiling and loved it and I think it is fair to say he has come on in leaps and bounds and he really looks forward to his lessons and has improved remarkably. Both Kwok and Pat really connected with Jasper and the way they engage with the children.  Knowing when they need to have some fun and when they need to concentrate really made a difference. We wish you all the very best. Cheers, Sam, Nick, Jasper and Natasha Barnes-Drury (3rd March 2013)


 Following the success of our fast track course at half term, I am looking to enrol Matthew and Alex (Hsia) into the term time slots. Angela Hsia (3rd March 2013)


Arthur and Arianne have loved the lessons and we have been really impressed with the standard of teaching at the school. Thanks for all you help, Debra Valentine (1st March 2013)

The Swim School has been perfect for us and has improved Luke's swimming beyond recognition. I only wish we had found Linden Lodge sooner - much sooner. Martin Bonner (27th February 2013)

I want my children to learn to swim at The Swim School because I have heard it's so good! Naima (25th February 2013)


Just wanted to pass on my thankst - Emily has really enjoyed this week and her Breaststroke has definitely improved! King regards, Emma Newell (22nd February 2013)


I took my son Ted for his assessment with Josie on Saturday....we were really impressed by Josie. She was encouraging and firm and clearly knew her job. Kind regards, Anna Spratt (11th February 2013)


My son Archie completed his swimming assessment today. He really enjoyed it and he reacted really well to Becca. I would very much like to book Archie into the swimming programme. Kind regards, Ray Kelly (10th February 2013)


I wanted to say that the facilities there last Saturday were excellent. I have to say also that Phil has been a wonderful swim teacher. His rapport with the children and his clear and direct instruction has seen them improve in leaps and bounds. Thank you, Melanie Hammond (4th February 2013)


Oliver has thoroughly enjoyed his swim lessons and is now a very competent swimmer. Thank you again to Captain Lee, Dan, Phil and others who have taught enthusiastically over the last 7 years and made the boys keen swimmers. Best regards, Helen Temperal (2nd February 2013)


We have now had two of our children attend The Swim School and have been very impressed with the dedication shown by the teachers and the results. Thanks, Simon Flannery (1st February 2013)


The swimming lesson was fantastic, we were both really happy and Holly is still talking about Captain Lee. Thanks, Natalie Murison (29th January 2013)


We have been really impressed with The Swim School and the progress Jasmine has made since joining. Thanks so much, Jo Kilgour (23rd January 2013)


I feel that my daughter Gwenna has responded well to your teaching methods, her swimming position has improved, as has her attention in class. You create a lively, friendly atmosphere which the children respond to whilst at the same time paying attention to individual needs. Thank you, Imogen Brown (19th January 2013)


I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Krys for being so kind to William (he adores swim lessons) and for helping him get his first badge. Thanks and best wishes, Charlotte Henderson (18th January 2013)


They have enjoyed the time spent with The Swim School and have learnt alot. Thank you, Maryam Chowdhry (15th January 2013)


Please pass on a huge thank you to Dave for all his care and patience over the course of Matthew's lessons. He not only taught him an essential life skill but took great interest in his other sporting activities which Matthew always enjoyed telling him about. Matthew has enjoyed his lessons. Thank you and kind regards, Linda Sandoz (9th January 2013)


Finley is a great swimmer now....Lee has been a super teacher over the years and I always recommend The Swim School to my friends! Thanks, Karen Savage (8th January 2013)


Mia has thoroughly enjoyed her time with The Swim School and is extremely confident in the water, which is great! Tracey Parry (8th January 2013)


Krys is excellent and so fabulous with the children. Best regards, Judy Binnendijk (7th January 2013)


She has very much enjoyed her 4 years with The Swim School and we have been extremely pleased with the way she has been taught and how much she has learnt. Thank you for all you have done for both our daughters. Regards, Tracy Gibson (3rd January 2013)


Thomas has really enjoyed his lesson and learnt so much. Vicki Jones (2nd January 2013)


I have to say that I was very impressed. As a teacher myself what struck me most was how well your staff interacted with the swimmers. They were great and the children were thoroughly engaged and most importantly, happy....their enjoyment is the most important factor. They both swim on a weekly basis at school but outside lessons are crucial to their progress. Regards, Rachel Bickley (19th December 2012)


He loves being in the big pool by himself and Krys is doing a fab job with him!......Pass on my best wishes to the teachers and everyone else on the team, they are all doing a fab job!!! Warm regards, Kirsten Hinrichs (19th December 2012)


Thank you for all your help with getting Caitlin and Finn into their swim classes which they love and are already improving such a great deal. Pip McNamee (18th December 2012)


Thanks to all of you for bringing her swimming on so well, especially to Lee who is just wonderful with them all. With very best wishes, Jaynne Bunning. (13 December 2012)


Joel has had a great few weeks with The Swim School. It is such a great set up and wish we had discovered you ages ago! Thanks again, Kate Horrocks (13th December 2012)


I really want to thank all of the team, Pat, Krys, Andy and Becca for their support and dedication to date. Its been a pleasure getting their tuition and help. Kind regards, Tony Milanese (13th December 2012)

I just wanted to say thank you. I went to your swim school today for my first lesson. It was really good and I am looking forward to doing more classes - it's great! Kind Regards, Aditi Joshi (7th November 2012)

Jake did well on Sunday. The assessors were lovely and Jake enjoyed it. Kind regards, Sarah Palin (6th November 2012)

The trial lesson at Sandbach was absolutely fantastic & it was amazing to see what she could do in 45 minutes! Millie Leese (23rd October 2012)

Krys is doing a fantastic job of teaching the BC group on Wednesdays...Thank you. Kind regards, Claire Belderbos (23rd October 2012)

Just to let you know that Nellie & Gabriel are both enjoying their Sunday lessons...Many thanks, Katie Preston (22nd October 2012)

We have not attended Linden Lodge before but a friend of mine has highly recommended yourselves to me. Joanna Walker (17th October 2012)

We are really enjoying the lessons... Yolanda Clatworthy (16th October 2012)

Sebastian had his first lesson this evening and I was very impressed with his teacher Andy. He was very patient and enthusiastic with Sebastian who was a bit scared at the beginning of the class. At the end of the lesson Sebastian wanted to come back again! Thanks again, Nieves Vecina (12th October 2012)

My boys, Henry & Dougie have only been attending 3 weeks but Gaz in particular has had an amazing effect on Dougie. By the end of day 1 Dougie has gone from a 3 year old not wanting to jump in & swim in the water without Mum to doing it all & after week 3 down to only 1 disc...incredible how much trust he has in Gaz already. Will you pass on our comments as we all think he is fantastic. Kind regards, Emma Irving (9th October 2012)

Gareth is a great teacher & he has a great relationship with his pupils, the balance of fun & learning is great. Keith Inch (9th October 2012)

Matthew had a fantastic lesson with Krys tonight. He loved it - he's so looking forward to next week already. Thanks once again, Kate Collinson (4th October 2012)

I loved the trial lesson with Josie... Many thanks, Helen Richards (4th October 2012)

Gareth has been a brilliant teacher to our little boy... Regards, Sarah Evans (3rd October)

He loved the lesson and the teachers were just great... Thank you so much. Ebru Tumer (2nd October 2012)

Elise has learnt so much at Linden Lodge. Please pass on our thanks to Josie & Kwok who have been fantastic teachers of Elise over the last four and a half years and have turned her into the fab & confident swimmer that she now is. Thanks alot for great swimming teaching. Regards, Emily Young (30th September 2012)

We've just done an assessment today and I was very impressed with all the guidence we were given. Lyova went from clinging onto me for dear life to holding my hands floating on the 'muscles' in just 30 minutes. The staff were great and the atmosphere was super. With best wishes, Marina Suponina-Callard (29th September 2012)

Krys has a very nice manner with the children which they responded well to in today's lesson. We've really enjoyed the classes and please pass on our thanks to Sarah. With many thanks, Caroline Piggott (29th September 2012)

I believe the lesson went really well today (from Scarlett's point of view!) her Dad was very pleased as it's the first time she has stayed in the water without holding his hands! Many thanks, Debbie Rudge (29th September 2012)

Brona & Erin attended the swim assessment this afternoon and loved it. Many thanks for your help so far. Kind regards, Llinos Halpin (29th September 2012)

Jake loved his trial on Friday, and can't wait to come back. Best regards, Jo Flynn (24th September 2012)

I would like to thank both Dave & Gareth who have taught Macey, she has loved every minute and has made a great improvement since joining The Swim School. Kind regards, Louise Meacock (24th September 2012)

Both Matthew and my other son Daniel have benefitted from the excellent tuition provided at The Swim School. Regards, Jackie Eagles (23rd September 2012)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the swim teachers at Linden Lodge for all their help and support in teaching Kai how to swim. Especially Rick & Justin who have been fabulous with him and in recent weeks Pat, who has also been brilliant. Best wishes, Gemma Jennings (19th September 2012)

We have loved being part of the swim school. Your teachers have given Jemima such a great start in swimming, it's fantastic what they do. Please pass on my thanks - we will miss Linden Lodge. Many thanks again. Georgina Bristow (17th September 2012)

Jessica has made vast improvements in her time with you, so much that it was noted on her school report. I have already recommended you to several friends and will continue to do so. Yours sincerely, Clare Harding (11th September 2012)

Martin has been able to start to swim without armbands since swimming with Dan at Sandbach - he previously had lessons for 2 years and really never improved or has had the strong guidance to swim. We had previously taken Martin to 3 different swim school's but with no improvements... we have been so grateful to Dan. I have thanked him but I really don't think he understands the depth of our thanks. Sarah Morgan (11th September 2012)

I would like to thank you very much for the excellent tuition Charles has received over the last few years. Alison Smith (10th September 2012)

As a family we cannot thank The Swim School enough for the past years that Ben has been swimming with Lee and more recently Lee & Dan. Martin Lister (4th September 2012)


Please pass on my thanks to Lee & Dan for the work they have done over the years. Regards, Louise Roberts-Redgrave (4th September 2012)

We have been extremely satisfied with the swimming lessons and both children have, we feel, reached a very high standard as both have swam with the swim school since the age of 4 and 3 respectively. Abbie is now 11 and off to High School and Oliver is 9! Please pass on my thanks to all the teachers who have helped, in particular, Captain Lee & Dan who have been fantastic and I cannot praise them enough for their patience, skills, friendliness and all round help. Yours sincerely, Mike & Yvonne Webb (3rd September 2012)

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you...Annie really enjoyed Dan's class. Many thanks, Kathy Spreadbury (2nd September 2012)

Many thanks for the 25 metres badge that arrived in the post for my son...he's over the moon with it. The class was exactly what he needed and really stretched him out of his comfort zone, but he loved it. Many thanks Eleanor Langlois (31st August 2012)

Both the kids and myself thought Gareth was a fantastic teacher, Helen enjoyed her lessons tremendously and I was very impressed with the progress she made. Claire Deruty (29th August 2012)

I would like to thank you and especially Lee for getting him to the level he is at. Many thanks Elaine Buchanan (24th August 2012)

I have heard how good the classes are at Sandbach and am keen to enrol my 5yr old daughter and 12 yr old son. Many thanks Trish Scanlon (22nd August 2012)

I wanted to say thank you to Rick and Pat for a great week of swimming earlier in the month...Isaac has come on hugely in confidence and ability and consequently really enjoyed the pool on holiday over the last two weeks. Kind Regards Io Epstein (20th August 2012)

My children came to the summer swim course last week. They loved it and I was very pleased by their progress and extremely impressed by the teaching and the teachers. Kind Regards Zara Jamil (6th August 2012)

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that contributed to turning my son from a nervous non swimmer, to a confident, strong swimmer for his age. Captain Lee managed to coax him out of his shell and encourage him to take the first strokes unaided...Please pass on my thanks. Thank you again, Debbie Evans (31st July 2012)


Please pass on my thanks to Justin for all of his sterling work with Hattie who is making great progress in her swimming. Best wishes, Katie Fowkes (25th July 2012)

Dear Sarah, Rick, Justin, Kwok, Tessa & the team at the swim school. Thanks for a fantastic grounding for my girls. Regards Mr & Mrs Shanker.

I would also be very grateful if you could pass on my thanks to Rick...Fia said she really enjoyed Rick's lesson and is very much looking forward to her summer course. Many thanks indeed. Regards Kathryn Bond (21st June 2012)

William took part in the lesson yesterday and I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the way in which the lesson was conducted. Kind Regards Aemilia Lovatt (18th June 2012)

I wanted to say thank you...Sammy was really nervous about going in on his own without Daddy last week but he has been brilliant and swimming so much better in his new class, and beaming smiles at us on the side! A massive improvement... Many thanks Kristie Mathers (9th June 2012)

I have been very impressed with The Swim School. The local pools that offer lessons could learn a lot from you. Many thanks, Jane Banks (28th May 2012)

I would just like to thank you for the excellent swimming lessons and for getting Nathan and Ellie to such a good standard in swimming. Dan and Lee have been great and I will certainly recommend The Swim School to anyone looking for swimming lessons. Mike James (26th May 2012)

The girls love their lessons and my husband and I are so impressed with the teachers...a lovely atmosphere! Many thanks, Lynne Rees (25th May 2012)

May I say what a fantastic experience it has been for Fabian over the past few years. The professionalism, patience and sheer knowledge and skill in teaching the children to swim is of such a high quality. May I thank all the staff for the amazing service my son has received. I will continue to recommend The Swim School . Regards Diane (24th May 2012)


Both my son's have had lessons with The Swim School for 6 years and I would like to thank Lee and his team for all the time, encouragement and effort they have given them in the past. They all do a great job. JF Richardson (24th May 2012)

I wanted to say how grateful we are to you for all you have done for Annabel over the last 2 or 3 years. You have made her swimming lessons enjoyable and challenging and we appreciate the amazing manner you have with the children... Thanks again, Emily Hilton (21st May 2012)

Ruby really enjoys her class on Sundays and has made great progress. I thought the teaching was excellent and Ruby is now correcting some of my breaststroke bad habits! Vivienne Avery (20th May 2012)

Please could you pass on my thanks... you have helped Morgan grow from a very nervous swimmer into a confident stronger swimmer! You helped Morgan regain his confidence and develop his skills and more recently built on this and encouraged Morgan to become an even more confident stronger swimmer. Thank you so much. With Kind Regards, Jane Williams (13th May 2012)

We have been very happy with The Swim School and would be happy to recommend you. Many thanks, Simon Thomas (10th May 2012)

We are so pleased with the quality of teaching... With many thanks, Jayne Pavlou (10th May 2012)

I would like to say thank you very much for the help and encouragement from Lee and Dan. We have loved every minute of our 7 years at The Swim School. Once again, thank you. Kind Regards Claire Milnes (9th May 2012)

A big thank you to the swim school, Rhys has really benefited from the lessons and is swimming brilliantly. Many thanks, Sally Schofield (9th May 2012)

Ryan loves the swimming and in particular Justin who is fantastic with him - a great teacher...We will certainly recommend your lessons to others. Best Regards Iain Stirling (1st May 2012)

Many thanks for the wonderful lessons we have had throughout the years, she really enjoys them and has become a very accomplished swimmer. Kindest Regards, Ms Amal Muhtasib (24th April 2012)

Leo enjoyed his swim assessment today and I was very impressed with the iswimming teacher and the professional approach of The Swim School, compared to other places we have tried... Many thanks, Zoe Bruce (21st April 2012)

Eleanor will shortly be 17 and has been attending since she was 4 years old. She has thoroughly enjoyed her lessons and is now a very competent strong swimmer and I am sure will have acquired a life long love of swimming. Many thanks to you all at The Swim School. Best wishes, Alison Cartmill (21st April 2012)

I would like to thank The Swim School, both girls have enjoyed their lessons and Jessica, in particular, has made fantastic progress. Kind Regards, Emma Brierley. (19th April 2012)

Ellie Johnson has spent many years enjoying her swimming lessons with Captain Lee. We would like to thank you for making Ellie into such a fabulous swimmer. Louise Johnson (19th April 2012)


Hugo and I would like to thank you and the team for 3 years of amazing swimming lessons where he has become a very good swimmer. A special thanks to Rick for making every session fun and entertaining to watch. Regards, Natacha Robert (16th April 2012)


The girls have really enjoyed their lessons with you...they have greatly improved their confidence and swimming ability. I will recommend you to friends. Yours Sincerely, John Grobicki (7th April 2012)

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work in getting Jessica swimming - I never thought we'd see her jumping in or swimming on her back and it's just so lovely to see. Have a lovely Easter, Nicola Vick (4th April 2012)

The class got a definite "Thumbs up" from Alfie he loved every minute of his assessment last Saturday, as did Nana!...He was asked to put his face in the water and did so without question...something I have been trying to get him to do for weeks! Regards Lesley Milner (2nd April 2012)

Layla had a brilliant lesson. Can you please pass on how brilliant she found it. Many thanks, Natalia Dobranski (21st March 2012)

Billy's assessment went well on Saturday and we were really pleased with the way the session was conducted. Many thanks, Gill Frood (19th March 2012)

The girls absolutely love their classes and I have found them most beneficial. Best, Aparna Kapur Shankar (19th March 2012)

Can I take this opportunity to thank all the staff and especially Josie for their skill and commitment. I am so delighted with the quality of teaching at Linden Lodge and only wish we had found it sooner! Kind Regards, Jayne Pavlou (18th March 2012)


Anna has enjoyed swimming with the school so much. Many thanks for a great experience! Dan has been fantastic. I am recommending your school to friends! Many thanks, Laura Ticehurst (13th March 2012)

We're very happy with the standard of teaching. Regards, Chris Roberts (26th February 2012)

I wanted to say the lessons are great! Prior to joining the swim school we had lessons elsewhere and didn't seem to progress much at all, whereas after 6 lessons at the swim school he has already done his 10 metre badge. A great improvement! Thanks! Caroline Thurbin (14th February 2012)


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the swim school and your excellent teachers at Kings, Chester. The swim school has been a fantastic experience for my 3 children...Ruby is our youngest and final one to graduate. Massive thanks particularly to patient Dave and enthusiastic Lee for giving my children the skills to swim. Regards, Colin Ellis (5th Feb 2012)

Lee has been a great teacher and Daniel has made super progress. I would like to thank Lee for all his hard work! Many thanks, Julia Samarji (25th Jan 2012)

Thank you from Sheringdale Primary School for your generous contribution to our Christmas Fair...we are all very grateful. With best wishes, Emma (on behalf of Sheringdale School Association)

The swim teachers, Lee & Dan are a real credit to you. Many thanks, Richard Turner (25th Jan 2012)

Many thanks once again for a great course and we would not hesitate to recommend the swim school to others in the future. Best regards, Jason O'Mara (22nd Jan 2012)

I wish to thank Kwok particularly, who has taught Alice since she started in the hydro pool, where she refused to leave the steps for 3 weeks, and now is a very good and determined swimmer. He has been a great influence on her confidence particularly...thank you for your support and I hope the swim school continues to flourish and drive others to great swimming success! Yours gratefully, Katherine Brown (12th Jan 2012)

I wish to thank you for all your dedication over the years. Regards, Deborah Jordan (11th Jan 2012)

Mya has been attending for many years and is a beautiful swimmer. We are very grateful for the great teaching she has had. Thank you. Jayne Kennedy (9th Jan 2012)

They have really enjoyed their lessons and I would be grateful if you pass on my thanks to Kwok and Rick for all their hard work and never ending patience! Both children have made great progress. Kind regards, Juliette Stuart (2nd Jan 2012)

Louisa has really enjoyed the lessons and you have taught her well. Thank you. Kate Widdowson (22nd Dec 2011)


We have very much enjoyed the lessons and Thomas has learnt so much, thank you so much! Kwok has been a wonderful teacher, inspiring and encouraging. Thank you again. Best wishes, Maria Jevtic (8th December 2011)

All three of my children have attended the swim school since they were three years old and have loved their lessons. I cannot thank Captain Lee enough for everything that he has done for all of them. He makes the lessons so much fun and achieves such great swimming from the kids, he is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend anybody whose child is wanting to learn to swim to contact you. Kind regards, Debbie Davies-Booth (21st Nov 2011)

We would like to say a massive thank you to the swim school and her teacher 'Captain Lee' for giving my daughter Chloe such a great start in learning to swim. Many thanks. Best regards, Gwen Bloss (20th Nov 2011)

I would like to say the boys have greatly enjoyed their lessons with both Dave & Lee - who are both a credit to your school. I will continue to recommend your school to friends and family. Wendy Barker (14th Nov 2011)


Thank you for your excellent service - both children have made good progress since joining. Best wishes, Janet Maxwell (13th Nov 2011)

Many thanks for your help and assistance in the development of their swimming. Peter Williamson (12th Nov)

Thank you for everything over the years. Lee has been fantastic with Adam. Thanks, Emma Sarveswaran (11th Nov 2011)

We came for our assessment last Sunday, I must say that Rick was lovely and clearly a great teacher. Carolyn Kolasinski (10th Nov 2011)

Thanks for the great lessons so far - Bryson is thoroughly enjoying his lessons. Simone Bertoni (10th Nov 2011)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lee and Dave for teaching all 3 of my children to swim so brilliantly. I often get asked where my children learnt to swim and I will continue to strongly recommend the swim school. Thank you. Lowri Drew (9th Nov 2011)

Michael has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons...the coaching has been excellent, and we would recommend the swim school to others. Many thanks, Sue Ellis (9th Nov 2011)

Many thanks for the support given to Jett whilst he is learning to swim. Joanne Miller (3rd Nov 2011)

Harry & Will really enjoy their lessons and they think that Lee is great! Kate Halewood (2nd Nov 2011)

Many thanks to your great teachers. Thank you again. Lynne Newcombe (1st Nov 2011)


I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching my children to swim. It has been amazing to watch them progress over the past couple of years. Julie Wheeler (28th Oct 2011)

The fast track course this week has been a big success for both my boys. My youngest, William even let go of my hands in the pool today. A massive step for him considering he wouldn't even get in the pool at the beginning of the week. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the fantastic teachers. Best regards, Gene Wyrley-Birch (5th August 2011)

Thanks to all the team who have worked hard on making Taylor the swimmer he is today. Rhonda Bigwood (5th August 2011)

Just a short note to say thank you all for the nice lessons over the last couple of weeks, Nicolas, Sofia & Tomas really enjoyed them! Best, Cecilia Giordano (4th August 2011)

Thank you so much Sarah, for teaching Noah so brilliantly last week. He really is over the moon with all that you taught him. Thank you. Best wishes, Annabel Doerfler (1st August 2011)

Thank you for all the great work. We have really appreciated Captain Lee & Captain Dave's hard work and help. Many thanks, Laura Scanga (15th July 2011)

Many thanks for such a rewarding swimming system Andrew really does love it and is exceeding our expectations under the tutelage of Lee at MGS. Louise Harley (5th April 2011)

From a parents point of view, I feel confident that the teacher always considers the childrens safety first, both in and around the water, and that the lessons are a good mix of both education and fun.


Lucy thoroughly enjoys her lessons, and knows she is improving. Kevin Gee (28th Feb 2011)

I must thank the Swim School, especially Captain Lee, for the last 5 years of swimming, Emma has enjoyed every lesson, and she can now swim to a very high standard with the greatest of confidence. I'd just like to say how much Oliver is enjoying the sessions and how much he has progressed since we started - great stuff! David Hingley (13th Dec 2010)


Captain Lee has a natural talent when it comes to teaching children to swim. Thank you. Sharon Barlow (8th Feb 2011)

We are loving the Swim School and are so happy to finally be part of a good swimming programme for Max. Courtney Gates (21st Jan 2011)

May I take this opportunity to say how impressed we have been both with your organisation and with Dan at Sandbach he has been an absolutely fantastic teacher and is a great asset to you. Rhys certainly wouldn't be the swimmer he is without him. Helen John (6th Dec 2010)

Alice is a fantastic swimmer and this is due to the wonderful teaching she has received over the years from you all. Caroline Meakes (5th Dec 2010)

Thanks for the badges and certificates, great service. Lucy was very proud and is looking forward to showing them to the class at school. Kevin Gee (3rd Dec 2010)

Thank you all for great tuition, all our children can now swim beautifully. Len Grant (29th Nov 2010)

The standard of your swim teaching is so high - your teachers are excellent. I have been very impressed with the way they engage with the children. Teresa Kelly (23rd Nov 2010)

I am very pleased with what the teacher has done and my daughter is now working towards her 10 metre badge! Please pass on my thanks. Mrs George (15th Nov 2010)

Joseph's final swim lesson last week really feels like we have come to the end of an era, and I couldn't let it pass without saying a massive 'thank you' for your inspiration and endless patience. It's hard to believe its been over 13 years since that first lesson, aged all the years since then, we have been fortunate enough to see some great teachers. They have all impressed us in their own way, and often made us laugh! Swimming has been a big part of Joseph's life and we really would like to thank you for giving him the opportunity to find a sport he could enjoy and achive in. He can now go on and build on this by lifeguarding, and who knows, possibly even teaching himself in the future. Our sincere thanks again. Nicki & Patrice Jegat (14th July 2010)


Esme is now an excellent swimmer (thanks to your teachers). Please pass on loads of positive feedback to Lee and Dan. Esme has never pulled a face about going swimming! Carol Fry (9th Nov 2010)


Laura has really enjoyed learning to swim with you...she is now swimming well and can jump in etc. Sue Mills (13th July 2010)


It was the first time I have sat through my daughter's swimming lesson. I thought it was brilliant – firm but fair and an amazing result as it was only Sissy's second lesson. I’m really pleased and thought it was worth feeding back to you. George Blizzard (12th July)


Arthur has really enjoyed learning so far. Jeff Cobb (12th July 2010)


Having spent years & wasted cash at our local swimming lessons, we have been extrememly impressed with the teaching standard at the swim school. It was recommended to me by a friend & I will continue to recommend it highly to others from now on! Fiona Jackson (10th July 2010)


Thanks very much to Lee & Dan, they have been brilliant teachers. Nicky Gilsenan (6th July 2010)


I just wanted to say how much Daniel has enjoyed Lee’s classes. Lee has been a brilliant teacher and made the lessons really fun – he has brought Daniel on as a swimmer and as a person. Thanks again! Kind regards, Liz Spaven (15th June 2010)


I would like to take the opportunity again to thank you for your support over the last few years and for teaching both my children to become very good and confident swimmers.Thank you. Best wishes, Maria Iacovides (14th June 2010)


May I thank the swim school for all their help with Tom. It helped his confidence tremendously. Best wishes, Louise Hilditch (14th June 2010)


Rachel has thoroughly enjoyed her time at the swim school. All of the teachers have been excellent especially Dan & Lee. As a parent I have been extremely impressed at how well the instructors get along with the children in their lessons. Rachel's brother had swimming lessons for 5 years at Wilmslow and in all that time no one ever took the trouble to learn the names of the children they were teaching. We have also been extremely pleased at the standard of the coaching that she has received. As a result Rachel is by far the most stylish swimmer in the family! Tim Haynes (11th June 2010)


Can't believe that Josie has been swimming with you for 7 years now. Chris Hinton (11th June 2010)


Thank you very much for everything. Fiona has thoroughly enjoyed her lessons, has improved her confidence in the water & also her swimming skills. We will highly recommend your swim school to all our friends. Alice & Douglas Hutton (20th May 2010)


Thanks for the great lessons. I have recommended you to everyone I know! Lisa Woolf (18th March 2010)


My parents took James to his lessson this week and they have not seen him swim before. They were amazed at how well he did. They also said that Dan was really lovely with him and took his time to explain everything to James - not sure if I mentioned to you that we found out that James has a hearing problem...well Dan takes the time and trouble to make sure James understands...Thanks Dan. Thanks to everyone at the swim school. Bev Nelson (15th February 2010)


I would like to thank the swim school for the excellent training Lucy has received, which has been delivered in a truly enjoyable atmosphere. I will recommend the swim school to anyone with children that want to learn to swim.David Millward (7th February 2010)


I am writing on behalf of Dodleston School Parents, Teachers & Friends Association to say a big THANK YOU for your donation towards our auction. Due to your kind donation and others like it we raised £3200...So many thanks once again. Chris Miller (21st December 2009)


I would like also like to say a HUGE thank you. It really is wonderful to see Andrew improve so much and even talk constantly about what he has achieved in this weeks lesson. Louise Harley (2nd December 2009)


George has come on so much in recent weeks and he was delighted to get a certificate! Thanks
again. Liz Pool (30th November 2009)


Ellie is really enjoying swimming and looks forward to her lessons every week. As always, many thanks. Sue Milne (22nd November 2009)


May we take this opportunity to thank you for the lessons to date, Kieran has really enjoyed it and we have been very happy with his progress. Diane Thomas-Garratt (17th November 2009)


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the swim school for being completely fab! My two sons really enjoy their lessons and Sam in particular has made great progress in a relatively short space of time. I have to say, I think the teacher (Dan) is possibly the most patient and determined young man ever!Lynn Higham (1st October 2009)


Tom is loving the lessons, his swimming has really improved, so thank you! Nick & Ali (21st September 2009)


We are moving to Australia...It has been a great pleasure to be with your swim school and we can say that Angelique has really enjoyed her learning experience and her time with you. All the best to your students! Kind regards, Edward Brunni (16th September 2009)


I would recommend (and do so) your classes to everyone. Because they are 45 minutes, the children get something out of the classes. We found with the 30 min classes Poppy was just getting into her lesson and it was time to get out. Also your teachers are fabulous, great with the children - both my children want to go swimming and ask if its swim day. Thanks for making learning how to swim such good fun. Diane Maskill (6th September 2009)


Can we just say how much Ellie loves her lessons, she was excited to be going again and showing what she has been practising over the holidays. Thanks again to you all. Sue Milne (6th September 2009)


My son has been attending swimming lessons at Linden Lodge in Wimbledon for a couple of years now (on Saturdays). In this time he has come on a great deal and is now brimming with confidence in the pool, happy to dunk himself underwater, jump in with no armbands and is generally a little fish. I'd like to thank you for all your help in getting him this far.  Kevin Stockbridge (22nd August 2009)


You have come highly recommended by a friend...Many thanks. Clare Burell (3rd August 2009)


My son attended his first swimming lesson with Kwok today and I found his teaching to be excellent. Many thanks, Helen MacPhail (3rd August 2009)


The PTA, staff and pupils at Bishop Gilpin C of E Primary School would like to express their thanks and appreciation for your kind and generous donation for the raffle at our Summer Fair...Thank you once again for your continuing support. Alex Durie (3rd August 2009)

Many thanks for the great course last week - Rachel really enjoyed it and came along well...Many thanks for everything and have a lovely hoiliday! Best Regards, Joanne and the Jacobs (1st August 2009)


We have really enjoyed the week and Freddie made great progress. Many thanks. Antonia Moreve (31st July 2009)

Whilst emailing, I'd also like to say how pleased we are with Jett's progress under Kwok this year - he is a fantastic teacher! Jett had a positive lesson today & loves swimming! Ali Harrison (27th July 2009)

It was just to say a very big thank you for the inspiring teaching to my girls over the last year or two. Annabel loves her lessons...they are great fun...she is becoming a capable all round swimmer with tons of enthusiasm. Her technique and strength have come on leaps and bounds and I am very grateful for the endless patience and first class teaching. Phillipa Browning (14th June 2009)

Mirella has been at your (Linden Lodge) school for over 2 years and she has thoroughly enjoyed her time with you. She has made fantastic progress with her swimming. The school has such a great ethos and the teacher's are excellent with such a professional approach. I am incredibly pleased with the swim school. I would like to thank you for making swimming so enjoyable for Mirella. Julie Coleman (13th June 2009)

Thank you for your professional approach...I must say that you provide an excellent all round service which I would recommend to others. Dan is a lovely guy and I feel a great example of your excellent teaching staff. His singing might not be that good - but we'll put up with that! Many thanks, Liz Clark (9th June 2009)

Thank you for the great job that your (Manchester) swim school does. Mrs Natsiopoulou (9th June 2009)

The instructors are brilliant...I'm really pleased - so thanks for everything. Debbie Abberley


Both my children have enjoyed and benefited hugely from Lee's tuition (we think he is wonderful!). Many thanks. Julie Carmichael

James has been one of your longest serving members, having started at age 5, with Rick. He has certainly enjoyed his time with you and he is 17 next week!  Regards, Tony Baker

I would like to thank you for the many years of fun that Liam has enjoyed (approx 9 years I believe with the swim school). The difference in his swimming ability is amazing, considering the coaching and coaxing that you had to do just to get him into the pool when he first started!  Best Regards, Ian Vernon & Liam Vernon

Many thanks for the excellent teaching my daughter has received. Gareth Roberts

I would just like to say that Dan is an absolute miracle worker with my little boy...and now I am ordering a 5 metre is absolutely fantastic and I am so proud it is unbelievable! If you do have an instructor of the year award without a doubt Dan deserves it. The whole class is working so well. My only complaint is that my cheeks hurt at the end of the lesson for smiling so much! Bev Nelson

I would like you to know that I am really happy with my adult lessons. He is patient and spends time on both technique and stamina...I also feel that Cameron is making excellent progress. Dave Thurtell


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work which is much appreciated. David & Susanna Neil-Smith


Thanks for all your fabulous tuition and we will continue to recommend you to all our friends!  Becky & John Glassock


I was really impressed with the swim school at Hal's assessment this morning, and Rick you obviously inspired him...I would love him to have lessons. Fiona Lewis

I'd like to say what a difference joining the swim school has made to Craig's confidence in the water. There is a fantastic team at Sandbach and it is obvious that all the swimmers enjoy their lessons. Many thanks. Teresa Shaw

Daniel has very much enjoyed and more to the point improved immensely since joining the swim school. My elder daughter was taught by yourselves and is a lovely swimmer. I have recommended the swim school to many and will continue to do so as your lessons are by far the best. Caroline Eccleston

Many thanks for everything. The children have really enjoyed their time at the swim school. The instruction has been of a very high quality. Tony Edge


I would like to also take this opportunity to let you know what a fantastic teacher I think you have in Lee, Ravi’s instructor. He is quite exceptional. Fifteen months ago, it took my husband and me almost an hour and a half to persuade an utterly terrified Ravi to get into the pool; yesterday he swam 60 lengths with complete confidence. This is not only testament to Ravi’s own determination but also of Lee’s - that Ravi would learn to be confident in the water and know how to get himself out of any difficulty – real or imaginary. I would recommend your program to anyone. The focus on safety means that nervous children soon learn to be confident that they can float (even in deep water), they can get out again by themselves and they can swim just as well as their more confident peers in only a few weeks. For the confident children, parents can be assured that their children will learn how to be safe and why this is important. Other teaching methods forget this. Thank you to you, and to Lee for this! Hannah Mahapatra


The longer lessons make all the difference - I would never return to attending only half hour lessons as so much more can be achieved in 45 minutes. I'm so pleased that Jonathan and Sasha are now swimming with you. Maria Boswell


I am really pleased with the instruction she has been given so far and am amazed she has achieved so much so soon. I hope my son who has recently started achieves the same! Thanks, Andrea


I wanted to say to you again, just what a fab teacher Lee is! He got Annabel swimming without her arm bands on her second lesson with him. He has kept her attention all the way through the lesson even though she has just started school and the lesson is at the end of a busy week for her. I can't praise him highly enough: all three of my children have learnt to have fun, be confident and swim well. I have recommended the swim school to lots of people; many have enrolled - they are also very happy. Regards, Sam Schofield


I would just like to say how pleased we are with the progress our sons (George and Sam) have made since joining the Swim School in Sandbach earlier this year. For over 2 years they had been attending weekly lessons at the local county council pool and were still unable to swim a width of the trainer pool unaided. Within a few weeks of joining the swim school they achieved their 10m badge - a huge achievement for them. Now they have surpassed all our expectations by swimming 16 lengths (Sam) and 4 lengths (George) and have so much more confidence in the water. We can hardly believe the difference. What a testament to the teaching ability of your team at Sandbach. Please pass on our compliments to the team at Sandbach who are doing such a marvellous job. Vicki Acres


I just wanted to pass on my compliments to the swim school. Since my two children joined a couple of years ago I have seen them progress rapidly to extremely competent young swimmers (and they are only 5 and 6). This is very much due to the fantastic teachers...they have instilled great confidence in both boys using a wonderful calm and encouraging approach. They give praise and encouragement regulary but much more importantly they keep it all fun. I am particularly pleased with the approach they both take to teaching water safety and John and I have been most impressed with the way they have made this fun. I am sure that you recognise the high quality teachers you have - but we really felt that we needed to pass on our thanks for a job exceptionally well done.  Many, many thanks, Maria and John Orr (parents of Neill and Craig who swim at Sandbach)


Lucy has been swimming with the swim school for almost 5 years and has really enjoyed her lessons as you always make them fun & motivating. She has recently completed her 1500m badge, and at the age of 8 (and only just 8!) this is an incredible achievement and without your fantastic swimming lessons this could not have been achieved... We will always recommend the (Sandbach) swim school to anyone looking to give their children the best swimming lessons around! Regards, Debbie & Lucy


Just to say a huge thanks to you all for your fantastic lessons you have provided over the last year for our daughter Gemma, especially the intensive course that you ran last week which Gem really enjoyed! It is wonderful to see how much she has improved with not just her swimming but with her confidence as well, and you must have made a big impression on her as she says now that she wants to be a swim teacher when she grows up!From Dot, Phil and Gemma Perry


It's been the best move ever - Alex's swimming has vastly improved... keep up the good work! Zoe & Phil Spencer


Luke has been swimming with the swim school since he was about four or five... we have been very impressed with the training he has received and would like to say thank you... for all the encourage­ment, entertainment and solid teaching skills. Deborah Conibear... and Luke!


Absolutely brilliant lessons - thank you! Molly Clarke


Amelia's swim teacher is so inspiring and motivational - she really loves her lessons.David & Caroline Hughes


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