About Us

The swim school currently runs at these locations;

  • Balsall Common Primary School, Coventry
  • Bracknell Swimarium, Bracknell
  • Linden Lodge School, South West London
  • The King's School, Chester
  • Westbury Swimarium, Westbury

We also provide weekly school swimming tuition for numerous primary and secondary schools.

Sarah Harris and Rick Johnstone, qualified school teachers and ASA swimming teacher trainers, have created a swim tuition programme designed to elicit best results from swimmers on an ongoing basis, by focusing on such important concepts as:


We teach small groups of children, from complete beginners to advanced swimmers on the verge of competitive training.

Our youngest performers are 2.5 years old, who are joined in the pool by their parent / carer.

Of course safety is a paramount consideration in everything we do.

Our programme comprises of 8 attainment levels, with clearly defined criteria for progress from one stage to the next.

We promote happiness and enjoyment in swimming and cultivate a success-filled environment for all, at every level throughout the programme.

Highly Progressive Programme

We have developed an educationally sound, logical and progressive swim programme for our swimmers.

Our mission to excite and delight both swimmers and their parents does not distract us from the key issue of how to achieve the best outcomes.

Our methodology utilises a range of positive educational delivery modules, including accelerated learning techniques.



All photos on this website are of our swimmers