We offer a range of swimming lessons for all abilities, plus adult classes, beginner with adult, teen sessions and holiday courses.

Our programme comprises of 7 attainment levels, with clearly defined criteria for progress from one stage to the next.


Course Types

Beginner with Adult

Children can join these lessons from the age of 2 years 6 months & are joined in the pool by their parent / carer.

These classes develop the key skills required for children to join a 'Beginner with Confidence' class (BC).

Children 3-18 Years

We offer swimming lessons for children from the age of 3, from complete beginners to advanced swimmers on the verge of competitive training

We invite all new swimmers to a FREE 45 minute swim assessment.  To book your free assessment please email your venue office. 

Adult Lessons

We run adult lessons at the following venues. All levels are welcome from complete beginners to swimmers wishing to improve their stroke technique.

To book a free trial please click here: 

Balsall Common - Wednesdays (45 minute lessons)

London - Tuesdays and Thursdays (45 minute lessons)

Chester - Tuesdays and Thursdays (45 minute lessons)

Bracknell  - Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (1 hour lessons)

Westbury - Monday, Thursday & Friday daytimes plus Monday & Thursday  evenings (45 minute lessons).


We teach school swimming to numerous primary school's. 

If you are a nursery or school and interested in our services please email the swim school office.

All photos on this website are of our swimmers