Lee, thank you so much for everything you've done for my daughter over the last 8 months.  Your teaching style has helped build her confidence and in a setting where she felt comfortable to be herself.  the day she finally swam by herself was a monumental breakthrough.  All of a sudden she could achieve anything!  Thank you for being such a great teacher!

Mrs Reuter

The lessons have been amazing so far, I am really impressed by the teachers.  We have been at another local swim school and in comparison, the lessons have been so much better. The girls' confidence and swimming has really improved and they have made so much progress already in just 2 lessons.

Mrs Symmonds

I just wanted to thank you for the Fast Track course that my Son attended this past week.  He absolutely loved every minute of it.  His confidence is up at least 2 to 3 notches, his ability has hugely improved and all whilst he was having fun.  He looked forward to it every morning.  His instructor was so lovely and caring.

Mrs Hanratty

My Son has been coming since he was 4 years old and I have loved every moment watching his progress from the side of the pool.  He has had many brilliant teachers.  Each of them superstars and your efforts in co-ordinating everything is excellent.

Mrs Candlish

I just wanted to mention what an excellent lesson we had on Sunday with E-J.  she really got the best out of the children by making the lesson fun and engaging.  I have never seen my Son swim so well and he even went down from 3 magic muscles on each arm to 1 on each arm in the space of 20 minutes.  A real credit to your team.

Mrs Norris

My son attends lessons on Mondays with Greta. He hasn't previously liked going to swimming lessons and jumping in has been a big hurdle for him to overcome. I am so pleased to say he has made amazing progress with Greta this term. Today he confidently jumped in which was so fantastic to see! This evening he said 'I do actually like swimming, it's fun'. Much thanks to Greta for her firm but fun teaching style it has given him so much confidence. Thank you!!!!

Mrs Gill

My daughter has been going for almost a year now and her confidence has grown massively! She has gone from being very unsure of even getting her ears wet, to being able to swim full lengths of the pool without her ‘magic muscles’. Not only that, she is so excited to go to lessons every week and see Captain Lee and Wonderful Gemma. Highly recommend this swim school. Extremely well run, if you ever need to contact anyone, they always reply and are easy to get hold of. Everything is always easy with them. I can’t fault them at all. Five stars!

Mrs Davies

Firstly can I say thank you for fielding my many enquiries over a few months. Now that my children have had their first swim lesson I want to say how impressed we are and how pleased we are that they are finally learning with the swim school. Both Huss and Dylan are great, the pool is great and both of my children were thrilled to be back swimming. 

Mrs Castledine

I just wanted to write and thank you and the swim instructors for the super camp! The kids had Adrian and Dominic and so thanks to them. I was so amazed how well they got the kids to improve and it was definitely the best swim lessons the kids have had.

Mrs Beim

I wanted to say a huge thank you to Lee and Gemma, I have always been a strong swimmer for over 55 years, but recently lost my confidence in the water. Thanks  to Lee and Gemma I have learnt so much off both of them, and thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons. I feel so much happier in the water now. I will be back for further lessons to improve my style of swimming now my confidence is back. A huge big thank you to them both.

Mrs Hopwood

My son has been with you for 4 or 5 years now and I have always been extremely impressed with your teaching methods and staff, he has always enjoyed his lessons too.

Mrs Cooper

Thank you for organising the assessment for my daughter. I have to say I was so impressed with the Coach and how thorough the assessment was. He was great with the children and really encouraging.

Mrs Tilling

On my way out of the lesson today, I also informed a couple of the teachers, how impressed I am with my sons' new teacher Keeley. I love that she makes the children listen and gets them out of the pool if they don't. Plus the patience she has is amazing. Great teaching ethics and it's exactly what my son needs when learning.

Mrs Andrews

I just wanted to email you and let you know how brilliant we thought Sarah was. She had high expectations for all the children, there was no wiggle room for children to get bored. She had them constantly swimming and learning skills and explaining to them why those skills were important. She ensured all children were praised and highlighted for something during the session which was fantastic. I was so impressed with her methods and approach to the lessons. And she allowed time for them all to have a 'play' at the end so it ended on a high. Absolutely fantastic.

Mrs Aviss

Can you please extend our thanks to Cathy for the brilliant work she has done over the years in teaching and encouraging my son to swim. From those early days when he was refusing to jump into a pool to what he does now is down to her dedication and hard work to teach the children.

Mrs Booth

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to both E-J and Adrian for the tremendous teaching over the last term.  My daughter wasn't confident in the water and didn't want to get her face wet, jump in or float on her own. What both teachers have achieved in one term is evidence in their ability to teach a life skill. I cannot recommend them enough!

Mr Goode

We have been swimming with you since my daughter was 3 and she's now 12, nearly 13...that's 10 years! You have all been a key part of helping her to grow and she's loved her lessons with you.

Mrs Evans

My son has thoroughly enjoyed the fast track week. He says that everything has been explained very clearly and he feels he has made a lot of progress. He finds the fast track weeks very helpful and is always keen to swim every day. Thank you!

Mrs Dickinson

My daughter has improved a lot since swimming here. She could jump into the water on the second day, and swim without muscles after 3 days. The swim teacher is very experienced with training kids.  My daughter loves it. Thank you very much.

Mrs Tian

Such a fun class, I love how the staff makes learning swimming so much fun. My son said yesterday at 4pm I can’t wait for tomorrow, so I can go back to my swimming lesson. Thanks a lot!

Mrs Asthana

The swim teacher has been absolutely amazing!! So professional, caring, motivating. My daughter has improved a lot this week and I have no doubt that this support and guidance have been fundamental to her success!

Mrs Murphy

AMAZING! After having lessons elsewhere that he didn’t enjoy, he came for an intensive week here and loved every minute of it. The swim teacher’s enthusiasm and brilliant teaching have helped my son to improve so much in only a week. Thank you for putting the fun back into swimming!

Mrs Bailey

My son really enjoyed the fast track week. The swim teacher offered the perfect amount of encouragement. Thank you!

Mrs Lowe

Excellent sessions all week. You can really see the progress made from the whole class! Lessons have been really encouraging and The swim teacher has been fab! Thank you!

Mrs Barker

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