Do I have to stay on site while my child is having their lesson?

Yes. All children should be accompanied by a parent/carer, who must stay at the venue for the duration of the lesson. 

How long is the swimming lesson?

All our swim lessons are 45 minutes long.

How many in a swimming class?

Generally we have up to 8 or 9 swimmers per class. In the 'Beginner with Parent' classes in London there are up to 4 swimmers in a class.

Are the teachers in the water?

No. If assistance is required for a young child we would ask their parent/carer to join them in the water.

How do we pay for a swimming lesson?

Payment is made via a debit or credit card (no booking fee)..

When should I buy goggles for my child?

Goggles are worn from Improver level upwards. 

The reason we discourage the wearing of goggles with less-experienced swimmers is to do with saving one’s own life; swimmers who get into difficulties in rivers, lakes, canals and the sea always suffer water in their eyes.  If your child doesn’t know what this feels like and how to deal with it then they are less-likely to be able to successfully expedite a self-rescue.

Therefore, right from the start we do lots of work on submersion and dipping the face into water without goggles – though it’s all done in a fun manner, is completely painless, and nobody is made to do anything!  Swimmers at Improver level or above should bring goggles to their lesson.

Does my child have to wear a swim hat?

Yes, all swimmers are required to wear a swimming hat. All swimmers are given a free swim hat when they join the swim school. 

What happens if my child can't attend a class?

Any missed lessons due to illness or otherwise are 'lost' lessons. 

The swim school does not offer replacement lessons for non-attendance.


How long does it take a child to learn to swim?

Mastering swimming, like any skill, depends greatly on a number of different factors which include, age, natural ability, willingness to learn and the style of teaching. This means that each student progresses at their own rate.

At what age can children join the swim programme?

Our youngest performers are 3 years old, who are joined in the pool by their parent/carer.

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